Editor’s Pick: Derek Hunter Torches Liberal Media Lemmings on Impeachment Letter

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Writing Thursday morning at Townhall, our buddy Derek Hunter was in rare form lambasting the liberal media over the Biden impeachment and the now-infamous White House memo ordering their allies to be even harsher when it comes to denouncing the impeachment inquiry of President Biden by House Republicans.

Hunter started with the well-stated premise that “[t]here is no industry on the planet that loves itself more than Hollywood, but a close second is journalism” and “riddled with some of the worst human beings to ever consume oxygen” though the latter “is more damaging” given their refusal to push back on the growing “cultural rot.”

He took particular aim the press by noting exorbitant salaries to liberal pundits such as $30 million for Rachel Maddow “to barely do anything” besides shovel out “selective, out-of-context quotes and heavily edited video clips woven together into a mesh of paranoia, lies and straight-up bovine excrement,”

Regarding the letter, he quipped that “[a] normal person would be hesitant to write such a letter for fear it might cause a re-doubling of the efforts to investigate the allegations themselves, but those efforts can’t be doubled because if you multiply anything by zero you get zero.”

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Hunter also blasted the White House edict by noting a White House could only pen such a smear if they were “fully confident” there wouldn’t be “any concern for blowback or embarrassment.”

“Biden’s handlers have no need to worry – the hive mind does not need to be ordered to do something to protect the agenda, they just know to do it. Corporate media knows which uniform they put on every morning; don’t you ever forget it either,” he added.

To read Derek Hunter’s full post, click here.

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