Another Illinois teachers’ union official hypocritically sends his children to private school while fighting school choice for others

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Another Illinois union official is being accused of hypocrisy after a report claimed that his children went to private school even as the official works against school choice for everyone else.

Sean Denney works as the government relations director of the Illinois Education Association, a branch of the National Education Association, the largest labor union in the U.S.

According to a report from WMAQ-TV journalist Mary Ann Ahern, Denney puts his own kids in a private Catholic school while working to crush school choice for other parents.

The hypocrisy was discovered as the legislature considers a vote to end a tax-credit scholarship that gives parents more freedom in choosing educational options for their children.

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Similar accusations were made against Chicago Teachers Union president Stacy Davis Gates until she admitted that she had put one of her three children in private school.

“It was a difficult decision for us because there is not a lot to offer black youth who are entering high school,” Gates said in an interview with WBEZ-TV. “In many of our schools on the South Side and the West Side, the course offerings are very marginal and limited.”

She also posted a lengthy statement accusing her critics of collaborating with “extreme, racist” forces and said her children had been doxxed.

“In Chicago, we have repeatedly witnessed the same school-choice operators who want to call me a hypocrite take action to shortchange students, engage in fraudulent practices and provide substandard services to Black and Brown families,” she wrote.

She also appeared to refer to school choice advocates as “fascists” in a separate interview.

Denney’s salary at the IEA appeared to be $188K while the group fought to crush school choice.

Lawmakers in Illinois will decide the fate of the Invest in Kids program when they return to the legislature in November.

Here’s more about hypocrisy of Chicago union officials:

School choice debate: Families urge for lawmakers to renew ‘Invest in Kids’ tax credit

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