Why Impeaching Joe Biden Is a Smart Move

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Democrats made it quite clear they had every intention of impeaching President Trump before he even took office and proceeded with their plan once they finally were in a position to do so. And they impeached him not once, but twice. Neither case was strong, and neither had any chance of conviction, but Democrats decided it was worth the time, money, and effort to do it.

On Tuesday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) finally took the start of announcing an impeachment inquiry, and not all Republicans are on board. According to a report from The Hill, one anonymous Senate Republican called it “a waste of time” and  “a fool’s errand.”

The anonymous senator noted that if the House votes to impeach Biden, the Senate wouldn’t vote to convict. “Fortunately, it’ll be dispensed with fairly quickly if they ever send articles of impeachment over to us,” the senator told The Hill. “We know how this is going to end. It just creates tumult within the conference. I can see it [sic] already how people are going to react when they send a message over if they go that far.”

Is it a fair point that the Senate would never vote to convict? Sure. But such was the case in 2019, when the first impeachment inquiry of Trump went down, and the same in 2021, when Democrats exploited the Capitol riot for a second express impeachment that similarly failed to result in a conviction. Of course, then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) didn’t seem to care about conviction.

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”He just got impeached. He’ll be impeached forever. No matter what the Senate does. He’s impeached forever because he violated our Constitution,” she said in December 2019.

Admittedly, I’ve wanted payback ever since then. But impeaching for the sake of impeaching was never the way to go. Last year I wrote that “revenge alone is not a good reason to impeach” but also that it was a discussion that needed to take place because “There are far more justifiable reasons for impeaching Biden than there ever were for impeaching Donald Trump.”

And that was before the House Oversight Committee started investigating him earlier this year. Those investigations have uncovered incontrovertible evidence that Joe Biden is a notoriously corrupt politician who abused his position to benefit himself and his family, and if there’s anyone who deserves to be “impeached forever,” it is him.

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Thanks to the House Oversight Committee’s investigations, we have eyewitness testimony indicating that Joe Biden participated in roughly 20 business calls with Hunter’s partners and met with them at the White House while he was vice president, financial reports showing that millions of dollars have been laundered through shell companies and distributed to the Biden family, and an FBI document showing that an informant says Burisma bribed Joe and Hunter with $5 million each. Devon Archer actually testified that Joe Biden was critical to selling the “the Biden brand.”

While there may be some Republicans who aren’t convinced that Joe Biden is corrupt, polls show that most Americans believe there was something corrupt going on, including an I&I/TIPP poll that found that 56% of U.S. voters say that it is “likely” that Biden took bribes. As PJM’s Kevin Downey Jr. noted earlier, an impeachment inquiry will expand the investigative powers of Congress, which means that the ability to uncover even more incriminating evidence will be enhanced. Considering that a majority of Americans already believe it is likely Biden took bribes, the airing of Biden’s dirty laundry will finally expose him for the criminal that he is. Even if the Democrat-controlled Senate won’t convict him for it, the American people will learn the truth.

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