VIDEO: Beauty shop owner punches alleged shoplifter in the face and subdues her after she fires off a gunshot

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Surveillance video shows a Texas store owner confronting an allegedly armed shoplifter and holding her down until police could arrive in Texas.

The incident unfolded in Dallas at the Hair Plus Beauty Supply store owned by Sunjung Kim, who spoke to WFAA-TV.

Kim said he confronted a woman who allegedly tried to steal products from his shop.

“I noticed she stole something,” Kim said. “I told her to return the item or pay back to us, but she was trying to run away.”

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The video shows the woman punching at Kim, so he punches and kicks her back. At that point appears to try to pull her gun, so Kim tackles her to the ground.

“I didn’t have much time to think. But I just saw her gun right away. I just dashed her to not shoot,” said Kim.

The video shows her reaching for an item that looks like a gun. A gunshot can be heard on the video as well and other cameras show customers ducking for cover.

He was able to hand the gun to a co-worker and then hold the alleged shoplifter on the ground for 11 minutes while police arrived.

Kim says that shoplifting is a big problem at his store.

“It’s like a small pieces of item like lash glues. But in our case, we are not the Walmart. We are not the Target. It’s not a supermarket. It’s like a small size of the retail stores in the community,” said Kim.

He added that he probably wouldn’t do what he did over again because his merchandise isn’t worth risking his life.

“I was lucky,” he added. “Thank God.

The alleged shoplifter was charged with first degree armed robbery and is being held on a $75,000 bond. Kim says she had stolen eyelashes and eyelash glue worth about $20.

Here’s the video of the altercation:

Caught on camera: Beauty supply store owner scuffles with armed woman during attempted

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