Ukrainian Nazi “BoneFace” threatens Laura Loomer for outing him as U.S. intel asset on social media

Ukrainian Nazi “BoneFace” threatens Laura Loomer for outing him as U.S. intel asset on social media

Populist commentator Laura Loomer bravely dodged all threats thrown at her by Kent “BoneFace” McLellan after she exposed the latter to be collaborating with the U.S. intel agencies.

“I am really not scared of you and you should be in prison,” she directly addressed McLellan on X, formerly Twitter. She called him a felon and further exposed him after being arrested for domestic terrorism in Florida in 2012. “You were picked up by the [Central Intelligence Agency] CIA in 2014 to join Right Sector. Felons can’t get licensed to use HAM radios,” she said pointing out that BoneFace could only get away with his actions that he is broadcasting publicly now in an effort to threaten her, is “if you’re a protected intelligence asset.”

She also tagged the CIA and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) saying both are enabling Nazi assets to threaten Jewish investigative journalists and instigate violence domestically and internationally.

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Moreover, she mentioned President Joe Biden in another X post, saying that his administration is working with and funding Nazis and Ukrainian spies to create a color revolution in the United States and interfere in the U.S. elections.

“@joeBiden’s administration is working with and protecting violent Nazis for the purpose of committing war crimes in Ukraine and instigating Nazi movements in the U.S. during an election year as part of a color revolution to keep President Trump out of the White House by blaming @realDonaldTrump  for Nazi and white supremacist movements in the U.S.,” she stated.

The independent investigative reporter also just released the bombshell report with video evidence and police body camera footage of a police officer in Escambia County, Florida. The cop was Deputy K. Haley, with badge number 614272, and he was interacting with Azov Battalion fighter BoneFace.


In the video, the police officer asks McLellan to spell his last name, and the officer verbally admits on video that McLellan is in their and the FBI’s database as a “terrorist organization member.” In his file, it said to “contact the screening center” and the FBI. Haley is seen and heard looking at BoneFace’s lengthy criminal record on his computer in his police car and says “armed, dangerous, violent tendencies.” The cop then asks him, “Are you Ukrainian?” McLellan replies “I just got back from Ukraine.” The officer was heard in the police body cam video saying “It says to contact the FBI. I’ve never seen this before…. They have border patrol’s number on this.”

“This is undeniable and irrefutable evidence that @BoneFaceTheMC Kent “BoneFace” McLellan, a Nazi domestic terrorist and violent criminal is an FBI/CIA asset who has been flown back and forth to Ukraine with the help of the U.S. government and the @JoeBiden administration to fight the Russians as a U.S. backed intelligence asset,” Loomer emphasized in a separate tweet, adding that McLellan was also recently given a Ukrainian passport.

Deep state America wants to recruit white supremacists

Over the weekend, Loomer also revealed that on Jan 6, 2021, a known Ukraine spy was identified in front of the U.S. Capitol. He was also confirmed to be one by the FBI in an interview with J6 defendant Jacob Chansley, also known as the Q-Anon Shaman.

“I personally spoke to Jacob and he confirmed to me that the FBI told him during an interview with him and his lawyer that the person he was pictured with at the Capitol on Jan 6th was in fact a known Ukrainian spy. The FBI asked Chansley if he knew the Ukrainian spy. Jacob didn’t know who he was, and said the man approached him and asked for a photo,” she tweeted.

She further divulged that the FBI knew about the spy outside of the Capitol on J6 but it was never mentioned to the J6 Committee. According to her, this same Ukrainian spy has also been identified via facial recognition technology, as Sergai Dybynyn, a neo-Nazi who works in Ukraine.

Loomer also cited that despite the picture with Chansley being taken at the front door of the Capitol, the FBI has never placed Dybynyn on the J6 most wanted list. Chansley was arrested and incarcerated, meanwhile, “Dybynyn still runs free with the help of the FBI,” she alleged. “Interestingly enough, Sergei Dybynyn was also once photographed with John McCain and @LindseyGrahamSC,” she added in the damning report posted on X.

Conservative alternative news outlet Liberty Daily‘s contributor J.D. Rucker summed up the issue and called for prayers for Loomer. “Two things are crystal clear from Loomer’s report. First, any doubts that the Deep State is engaged in destroying America from within can be dismissed. Second, Laura Loomer needs prayers and burly men with guns to protect her because the deep state will target her now.” (Related: Conservative journalist Laura Loomer wins appeal in censorship case against tech giants Facebook, Google, Twitter and Apple.) has more stories similar to this.

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