Indiana woman faked heart attack, concealed drugs in private parts: report

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A woman in Richmond, Indiana attempted to prevent police from searching her for drugs by pretending to have a heart attack. But the effort ended in jail staff later discovering an “avocado-size” sandwich bag hidden in her privates, filled with meth, fentanyl, and crack cocaine.

Amanda Smith, 41, was arrested Monday and charged with three felony accounts, including dealing a narcotic drug, dealing in cocaine, and dealing in a controlled substance, per WXIN.

This is not the first time Smith has been charged with multiple felony counts. In early July, the authorities accused Smith of luring a woman to a Richmond home under the guise that she was going to sell her a ring. But Smith allegedly attacked the woman, punching her in the face multiple times before stealing her wallet and phone.

She was charged with robbery resulting in bodily injury, which is a Level 3 felony in the state. She was also charged with criminal confinement, but she did not stay in jail long, as she posted two separate cash bonds in July.

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Smith’s most recent encounter with the authorities came after a Wayne County Sheriff’s deputy witnessed her engaging with known drug users at a Philipp 66 gas station in Richmond.

The deputy was familiar with Smith, and therefore followed the woman’s vehicle and initiated a traffic stop after she failed to use a turn signal and drove down the center of the road.

The deputy’s report says that Smith faked a heart attack after a K9 clued the police in on the presence of drugs. She reportedly began yelling and screaming that she was having a heart attack, but she would not allow Richmond EMS to provide a medical evaluation, per the report.

When she arrived at the hospital, she refused to change out of her clothes. She insisted on using the restroom, but the authorities believed she was attempting to avoid being searched for drugs.

When she eventually agreed to change in front of nurses, she admitted having fentanyl in her underwear. In the process of changing, nurses reportedly spotted what appeared to be a sandwich bag hidden within her privates.

However, Smith continued to deny she was hiding anything even after the jail conducted a full-body scan that revealed an “abnormality in her pelvic area.”

She ultimately admitted she was concealing drugs in her privates.

The authorities found 38.9 grams of meth, 10.4 grams of crack cocaine, and 9.2 grams of fentanyl, according to the report. They also found an untested fine white powder, which had been wrapped and shoved inside the plastic bag.

Even though Smith has been charged with six felony counts over the previous three months, she, once again, posted bail on Tuesday after a brief stay at Wayne County Jail.

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