MMA fighter says thief fired gun at him as he hung from the window of his car in viral video from Philadelphia

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A startling viral video captured the moment alleged car thieves drove away with an MMA fighter hanging from his car window, and he says they fired two shots at him during the incident.

Egor Kostyuchenko told WPVI-TV that he was working his side job as a food delivery driver in Philadelphia when someone jumped into his car and drove away.

“I see four people sit in my car and go forward,” said Kostyuchenko.

The 25-year-old, who is from Ukraine, said he jumped into action when he saw his car and he tried to force the thieves to get out. Instead, they drove away with him hanging from the window.

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“My car stopped with traffic. I grabbed my door and said, ‘Stop the car, it’s my car,'” he explained.

Kostyuchenko said that the driver threatened to kill him before someone in the back seat fired two gunshots at him.

The video captured the car theft, which included two men hopping out of a black Jeep Cherokee, which was also stolen, into Kostyuchenko’s car.

The Philadelphia Police Department said that the video is a part of their investigation and corroborated Kostyuchenko’s account by saying they had found a bullet casing at the scene.

Kostyuchenko’s friend Sam Oropeza told WPVI that Kostyuchenko lost his wallet, phone, important paperwork and all of his training gear in the car theft.

“You saw the footage of him holding on for his life,” said Oropeza, who posted the video. “He’s been in the country for like maybe a year now, and he’s been robbed twice.”

Kostyuchenko is undefeated as an MMA fighter with a record of 4-0.

A friend and training partner has set up a GoFundMe account to help Kostyuchenko pay for his stolen training equipment and continue competing in MMA events.

Here’s the shocking viral video:

Caught on video: MMA fighter chases down thieves who stole his car in

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