Biden’s Got a Big Problem With an Important Voting Bloc

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I feel like I’ve been talking a lot about the warning signs that show Joe Biden is on the fast lane to an embarrassing defeat next November, but the fact is, there are so many signs to report on. Even the liberal media is starting to freak out.

In addition to everything else that’s working against him come November is the fact that he’s lost significant support from a crucial voting bloc for any Democrat: nonwhite voters.

“President Biden is underperforming among nonwhite voters in New York Times/Siena College national polls over the last year, helping to keep the race close in a hypothetical rematch against Donald J. Trump,” the New York Times’ Nate Cohn reports. “On average, Mr. Biden leads Mr. Trump by just 53 percent to 28 percent among registered nonwhite voters in a compilation of Times/Siena polls from 2022 and 2023, which includes over 1,500 nonwhite respondents.”

While that seems like a substantial lead, it’s actually a huge red flag that Biden is in serious trouble with a demographic he obsessively panders to. As Cohn reports, Biden won more than 70% of nonwhite voters in 2020. The paper warns that “If he’s unable to revitalize this support by next November, it will continue a decade-long trend of declining Democratic strength among voters considered to be the foundation of the party.”

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Just look at these charts:

Of course, Cohn adds the caveat that Biden has ample time to restore support from nonwhite voters, but considering that Biden has already done so much to pander to them, including various affirmative action picks within his administration, it’s hard to see what else he can do to fix the situation.

As we’ve previously reported here at PJ Media, Bidenomics isn’t exactly helping black voters. White and Hispanic voters have seen their jobs come back after the pandemic, while black voters have not. In fact, black poverty has been on the rise under Joe Biden. In other words, Joe Biden has done everything to pander to the black community except make their lives better. Meanwhile, as Trump appears likely to be the Republican nominee in 2024, black voters are sure to remember that they weren’t left behind in the Trump economy.

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Of course, Biden’s problem isn’t just with black voters. “Mr. Biden’s weakness among nonwhite voters is broad, spanning virtually every demographic category and racial group, including a 72-11 lead among Black voters and a 47-35 lead among Hispanic registrants,” Cohen continues. “The sample of Asian voters is not large enough to report, though nonwhite voters who aren’t Black or Hispanic — whether Asian, Native American, multiracial or something else — back Mr. Biden by just 40-39. In all three cases, Mr. Biden’s tallies are well beneath his standing in the last election.”

It’s not just one poll or polling outfit where this trend is observed. Cohn notes that these findings are “echoed by other high-quality national surveys.”

Why is this so concerning for Joe Biden? Because Trump doesn’t need to win nonwhites overwhelmingly. He only needs to modestly cut into Biden’s support from these groups in order to flip various battleground states he barely lost in 2020 back into his column.

Democrats have been able to gain power by pandering to minorities, and despite their efforts to paint Republicans as racists, it appears that minorities are realizing (slowly but surely) that it’s actually the Democrats who are holding them back as a demographic.

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