Talk show host Owen Shroyer faces JAIL TIME for “rhetoric” he uttered about stolen 2020 election

Talk show host Owen Shroyer faces JAIL TIME for “rhetoric” he uttered about stolen 2020 election

After nearly two years of trying to fight charges related to his presence outside the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, the day the “insurrection” took place in Washington, D.C., Infowars host Owen Shroyer has pleaded guilty to a single Class A Misdemeanor of Entering and Remaining in a Restricted Building or Grounds.

In August 2021, Shroyer was officially charged with an even worse crime – a full eight months after he allegedly committed it. He ultimately agreed to plead guilty to the above lesser charge.

At the request of the federal government, Shroyer allowed D.C. spooks to pore through his social media accounts in desperate search of any incriminating evidence against him.

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The day of the “insurrection,” Shroyer was seen alongside Alex Jones warning people not to go inside the Capitol because they knew it was a setup. Not long after, Shroyer was arrested on bogus charges, all because he is a Donald Trump supporter who questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 election.

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Do Americans have a right to free speech or not?

The Department of Justice (DoJ) wants Shroyer locked away in prison for 120 days. Its agents claim Shroyer is guilty of “speech crimes,” even though he, like all Americans, has a First Amendment right to free speech.

There is no such thing as a speech crime, in other words, at least not constitutionally speaking. Shroyer did nothing wrong other than to upset the establishment.

“Does the Biden regime wish to jail every Trump supporter?” asked Jim Hoft in a piece he wrote about the Shroyer scandal. “Who are the real criminals here?”


“Do not fool yourself. The regime wants to treat every Trump supporter like this. They want to jail us all. And they will do just that if we let them.”

The government’s sentencing memorandum for Shroyer claims that in the months prior to January 6, he “spread election disinformation paired with violent rhetoric to hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of viewers.”

“He presciently warned in November 2020 that, if Joe Biden became president, ‘it’s not going to be a million peaceful marchers in D.C.'”

On the day of the “insurrection,” Shroyer was heard bellowing through a megaphone to the crowds that the Democrats are “posing as communists” when the reality is that “they’re just tyrants.”

“And so today,” Shroyer further said through the megaphone, “on January 6, we declare death to tyranny! Death to tyrants!”

This is the very same type of rhetoric that America’s founding fathers proclaimed as they sought freedom from the tyrants in England. They then crafted a constitution that protects the right to speak freely, which is what Shroyer did.

The charges clearly stipulate that Shroyer himself never stepped foot inside the Capitol because “he did not need to” – “many of those who listened to him did instead.”

After the fiasco, Shroyer blamed “Antifa” for what occurred, adding to his followers that “we should have been proud of what happened.”

Prosecutors claim that Shroyer “helped create January 6,” which is why they want him to be sentenced for 120 days of incarceration along with 12 months of supervised release, 60 hours of community service, and $500 in “restitution.”

“The feds broke all the windows and opened all the doors,” a commenter noted about who is really at fault for the destruction that occurred on January 6. “It was all a false flag caught on tape. The cowards of the GOP are hiding the tapes.”

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