Elon Musk says people seem to have ‘an innate need for religion’

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Billonaire business magnate Elon Musk noted in a post on X that people seem to have an inborn “need for religion.”

“There seems to be an innate need for religion. Many atheists simply adopt another belief system (eg wokeness) that is essentially a religion,” Musk wrote.

BlazeTV’s Auron MacIntyre was among those who responded to Musk’s remarks.

“The religious compulsion isn’t some weird quirk of human development,” MacIntyre wrote. “You were designed for a relationship with the divine and those who ignore that destroy themselves and others around them.”

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“Correct. All know there is a God, whether they acknowledge him or not. Romans 1-2,” another person wrote in response to Musk.

“He is correct. It seems to be built into humans…wonder why,” another individual wrote, adding a winking emoji at the end of their comment.

“We were created to worship God and have a personal relationship with him. When humans deny this it leads them to put their worship into themselves, or other humans, or institutions. (Chief among them the State.),” another person wrote.

Musk has been a vociferous opponent of wokeness.

“Woke is fundamentally anti-human,” he posted earlier this week.

“The woke mind virus is either defeated or nothing else matters,” he wrote in a tweet last year.

During an interview with the Babylon Bee in 2021, Musk described wokeness as “divisive,” “exclusionary,” and “hateful.”

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