Man injured and trapped for 5 days after driving his truck off a cliff 100 feet into a ravine in California

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A man was rescued after five days of being injured and trapped in his truck that had fallen down a 100 foot ravine in rural California.

The unnamed driver reportedly drove the pickup truck off of a cliff on Comanche Point Road and into a ravine between Stallion Springs and East Arvin on Aug. 29.

He was injured and trapped at the bottom of the ravine until Saturday at about 11 a.m. when a passerby saw the wrecked truck and reported it to police.

When Kern County firefighters responded, they found the injured driver and called for additional resources to rescue the man, who was described as “immobilized.”

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Four fire engines and 21 first responders, including a search and rescue team, rushed to the scene.

The Kern County Fire Department posted video of the rescue on Instagram. The video showed firefighters using a human pulley system to send three more rescuers down the ravine to the wreckage site. The firefighters placed the man into a stokes basket and used the pulley system to hoist him up the ravine to safety.

The man was transported by ambulance to a landing zone so that he could be helicoptered to a local hospital.

The Kern County Fire Department did not say how serious the man’s injuries were or what caused the crash, which is under investigation. The condition of the man is also unreleased by authorities.

KCFD said that the Stallion Springs Police Department and the California Highway Patrol also helped in the rescue.

Stallion Springs is in Kern County, which lies about 120 miles north of Los Angeles County and about 60 miles south of Bakersfield.

Here’s video of the rescue in Kern County:

Driver survives five days in ravine after cliff fall | USA

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