Is This Why We’re Being Conditioned for a COVID Comeback?

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The media is starting to panic. Despite the best efforts of the Biden administration to thwart Trump and even lock him up over ridiculous allegations, Joe Biden’s poll numbers are garbage, everyone thinks he’s too old to be president, the economy is terrible, and a recession is predicted to happen sometime next year. It’s the perfect storm for a massive GOP victory next November that could propel Donald Trump back to the White House.

On Tuesday, Eugene Robinson of The Washington Post appeared on “Morning Joe” on MSBNC, discussing the recent Wall Street Journal poll and lamenting that Donald Trump could win in 2024.

“You’ve got 46% of Americans supporting a guy who has been indicted four times, indicted for stealing nuclear secrets, indicted for stealing war plans,” host Joe Scarborough pointed out. “Forty-six percent of Americans are voting for the guy who said he would terminate the Constitution to get back into power.”

“Those numbers are unbelievable, yet there they are. The Wall Street Journal does good polling, and, you know, any one poll can be an outlier. But there have been a lot of polls that indicate that if it’s a Trump/Biden rematch, this is going to be a close election. Again, that stupefies me. It should not be a close election,” Robinson lamented.

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“There is no way that any substantial portion of the electorate should support Donald Trump after we saw what we saw during the four years of a Donald Trump presidency,” he continued. “It certainly lays out … to Democrats that this is going to be a close election. They can’t take anything for granted. They should assume it is going to be decided by perhaps tens of thousands of voters in the swing states that we all know about. They’d better get cracking now because there’s a real risk — and I can’t believe I’m saying this — there is a risk that Donald Trump could return to the White House.”

Ever since COVID-19 stopped running our lives, there’s been speculation that the pandemic restrictions that we’ve long put behind us would make a comeback. In the past few weeks, there have been a series of situations that suggest it’s happening sooner than later. Word of a new COVID variant has been making the rounds in the media, and Joe Biden himself has requested funding for a new, updated vaccine and suggested that a mandate may come as well.

The media is jumping in with reports of an increase in COVID hospitalizations, and the retired Dr. Fauci recently appeared on CNN to tell the public to ignore studies that suggest that masking doesn’t work, imploring them to listen to the CDC if the CDC recommends masking again. Capping off the latest round of “Let’s Get Worried About COVID Again,” the White House has announced that Jill Biden has tested positive for COVID, and “The View”’s Whoopi Goldberg has also tested positive for COVID.

“It’s back! [The virus is] back, but she’s on the mend. She’s on the tail end, and she’ll probably be back this week, but sorry she’s not here for those of you who were looking forward to seeing her,” co-host Joy Behar said.

Back indeed. Back right around the same time that the media started to panic that Trump could win the election. A new wave of COVID pandemic would give Democrat governors cover to impose the same illegal election law changes they did in 2020.

And they’re not even trying hard to hide it.

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