Florida man killed his teenage son with a power tool and left his body to be found by grandfather at his home, police say

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Florida police released horrendous details about a man arrested for allegedly murdering his son with a power tool and leaving his remains to be found by the boy’s grandfather.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said in a media briefing that the grandfather had returned to his home Monday after visiting his wife in the hospital and found his son, 37-year-old Stephen Thomas Rodda, sitting outside.

“I wouldn’t go in there if was you. I killed someone, you may need to call the police,” the man allegedly said.

When the grandfather went inside his home, according to Judd, he found 16-year-old Stephen Rodda dead in his dining room.

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Investigators say that Rodda had killed his own teenage boy with an angle grinder.

“It breaks our heart,” said Judd. “There aren’t adequate words to explain how horrific this event is.”

Judd said that Rodda fled the scene and was arrested about a mile away from the scene. Rodda’s family said that he had a long criminal history and had also been a methamphetamine user, according to Judd.

The victim’s family said that he was studying to be an electrician and that he had been looking forward to working at Burger King in order to earn some money so that he could buy a car. He was in the eleventh grade in high school and had moved in with his grandfather in order to help him while his wife was in rehab.

Judd said that they are still investigating the motivation for the alleged murder.

“The world lost a great young man today,” he added. “And we have an evil, evil man in custody.”

Here’s a local news story about the incident:

Polk County Sheriff: Man kills 16-year-old son with angle grinderwww.youtube.com

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