Liberals Joe Rogan, Bill Maher blast progressive politics, question BLM, slam childhood mutilation, say woke activists are like KKK

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Two self-described “liberals” – Joe Rogan and Bill Maher – tore progressive policies to shreds during a recent podcast. The liberal commentators lampooned “woke” politics, questioned the authenticity of the black lives matter movement, sounded the alarm about so-called “gender-affirming care,” and talked about the dangers of equity versus equality.

Rogan said of Maher, “I think they look at you like a guy who they’re worried about because you don’t toe the line. You’re like a 90s liberal. You’re like liberals back when they were more reasonable, before they became leftists. And now every liberal, kind of has to be a leftist. If you want to be on the team, you got to subscribe to the most fringe ideas that the team is promoting.”

Maher added, “I’m always trying to make the case that liberal is a different animal than woke. Because it is. And you can be woke with all the nonsense that that now implies, but don’t say that somehow it’s an extension of liberalism. Because it’s most often actually an undoing of liberalism. So you can have your points of view and your positions on these things, but don’t try to piggyback on what I’ve always believed.”

“I have always believed, as liberals do, for example, in a colorblind society, that the goal is to not see race at all, anywhere, for any reason,” Maher said on the most recent episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience.” “That’s what liberals always believed, all the way through Obama going back to Kennedy, everybody, Martin Luther King.”

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“That’s not what the woke believe,” Maher said. “They believe race is first and foremost the thing you should always see everywhere. Which I find interesting because that used to be the position of the Ku Klux Klan. That we see race first and foremost everywhere.”

Rogan said extreme poverty and extreme crime are a major issue. He said he attempted to understand the woke ideology, but believes that the best solution is equality and not equity.

Rogan noted that having too many progressive policies attempting to achieve equity could lead to lawlessness like in San Francisco and Portland. He noted that stores in San Francisco had to lock up frozen food because of rampant shoplifting.

Maher chimed in, “Liberalism was never ‘shoplifting is progressive.’ And we weren’t interested in legalizing shoplifting, or I guess we should call it ‘justice shopping.'”

Maher pointed out that the defund the police movement has backfired, and many of the police officers who were off the force following the George Floyd murder ended up working as private security for wealthy people.

Maher highlighted the out-of-control crime in Chicago, and how the BLM movement doesn’t appear to be concerned about black-on-black violence.

“Murders have been happening way out of control in Chicago among the African-American community for far too long and not really reported in the way that they should be,” Maher said. “It’s amazing how black lives don’t seem to matter when they are taken by black lives. Now, Chicago, my friends that live there say it’s not safe anywhere.”

The “Real Time with Bill Maher” host said “a lot” of the murders in Chicago are just “nonsense” and “bulls**t.”

“I don’t understand why there isn’t a more concerted effort to shine a spotlight on it,” Maher said, then asked, “Where are the leaders of the community?”

Rogan and Maher also took on genital mutilation and so-called “transgender care” for minors.

“It’s terrifying that they’re calling it ‘gender-affirming care,’ when it’s really childhood mutilation,” Rogan said.

“Before you have the ability to figure out what ‘permanent’ means. You’re f***ing 7 years old, you can’t get your face tattooed, you can’t go to war, you can’t get married, there’s reasons for all that stuff – you’re too young,” the prolific podcaster proclaimed.

Rogan noted that puberty blockers are “not reversible.”

Maher claimed that the rush of some children wanting to change their gender is “trendy” and a “TikTok challenge that got out of hand.”

(WARNING: Graphic language)

Maher highlighted how MSNBC “has become a place that lies by omission,” but added how Fox News had always done that. He said of MSNBC, “I think it’s not that they’re unaware of these other perspectives, they just don’t want to burden their audience with it.”

Rogan slammed Rachel Maddow by saying she took time away from MSNBC because “slewing propaganda is hard on the back.”

You can view the entire Bill Maher interview with Joe Rogan below.

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