Techno-Hell: Robot Dogs Now Patrolling American Sporting Events

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Nothing screams “Land of the Free” and “Don’t Tread on Me” like a robot dog patrolling the ball game. Freedom means getting your various body cavities, and your spouse’s and children’s, probed by a metallic canine on your way to a public event.

A robot security dog equipped with cameras and facial recognition is about to prowl a sporting venue in the United States.

Mercedes Benz Stadium, located in Atlanta, Ga., has introduced Benzie the DroneDog*, designed by Boston Dynamics and developed by Asylon Robotics. Benzie will autonomously patrol 11 acres and send back real-time video during 30-minute shifts. The video feed has 1080p color and night vision capabilities.

*Because the technocrats think the American public is a bunch of adult children, they are constantly giving Orwellian surveillance equipment cutesy names like “Benzie” to assuage any concerns. It’s just like your family pet back home! Benzie loves pets and belly rubs!


DroneDog is a quadruped unmanned ground vehicle (Q-UGV) that pairs Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot with Asylon’s custom applications including PupPack, DogHouse and DroneIQ. The robot developer says that, aside from facial recognition, the robot can perform license plate recognition and sniff for explosives and narcotics.

DroneDog was designed both for government and commercial use. Michael Quiroga, Asylon’s chief revenue officer, says that ABM Sports and Entertainment, which operates the stadium, is the first to use the technology in the sports world.

I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but this tactic of naming brutal machinery meant to surveil Americans for no good reason other than profit and social control for the manufacturers and government doggie names is truly sick stuff. It’s the worst kind of manipulation that plays on man’s longstanding affinity for his best friend.

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On the license plate recognition and sniffing for explosives and narcotics application of this technology, we already have humans who can do the former and actual, living dogs that can do the latter and have for a long time. Not only would Mercedes-Benz Stadium employing them not have the sinister implications that using robots does, but it would also provide much-needed employment for actual citizens. “Benzie” is a solution to a non-existent problem.

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The widespread adoption of robotic technology has at least two simultaneous implications, neither of which are decent or moral: unprecedented surveillance and law enforcement capabilities, increasingly removed from any human oversight and therefore not subject to moral judgments, and the widespread displacement of human labor.

There appears to be no real organized resistance to such developments by any government entity, presumably because the profiteering and social control applications are too juicy to resist. There is no real money in opposing such efforts, but there is an avalanche of potential bribes from tech firms like Asylon and Boston Dynamics.

To add insult to injury, these companies roll out their latest machinations laden with condescending PR talking points about how useful they are for “safety,”, “security,” etc., as if that is the underlying catalyst for their development.

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