Russian man throws 10-year-old boy off bridge in Germany for speaking Ukrainian

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The police in Germany are investigating a Russian man who allegedly threw a 10-year-old Ukrainian boy off a bridge for speaking his native language.

Investigators are under the impression that the attack was politically motivated, according to the Telegraph. Many Ukrainian refugees have faced backlash since making their way to Germany, a move that has been happening since the start of the conflict.

The report noted that more than a million Ukrainian refugees have crossed into Germany since March 2022.

The Russian man, thought to be in his 40s, allegedly approached a group of children in Einbeck in Lower Saxony. The children were sitting on a bridge when the man came up to them.

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When he heard that they were speaking Ukrainian, he told the children that they should be speaking Russian. He also claimed the Ukrainians started the war. He then pulled the hair of a small girl and threw a 10-year-old boy over the bridge’s five-meter railing into the canal, according to the authorities.

On the way down, the boy hit the bridge’s iron girders before falling into the water. The man proceeded to throw a glass bottle at the boy while he was in the water, striking him on the shoulder.

The man fled the scene, as the other children helped the boy out of the water. The children apparently told their parents about the incident.

The small boy was successfully pulled out of the canal, suffering minor injuries. The report said that attacks against Ukrainians in Germany have increased since Berlin increased its support for Kyiv with more weaponry and opened its borders to refugees.

Germans who have expressed support for Putin and other Russians living in Germany have scoffed at the support the country has been providing what they perceive to be the wrong side.

The Telegraph reported that in one recent incident, Ukrainian students in Frankfurt woke up to find the letter Z, a symbol of Putin’s war, scratched on their dormitory. There are also some Ukrainians who have suggested removing all Ukrainian symbols on their clothing so as to avoid being targeted by those who have different political views.

Germany is home to an estimated 3.5 million ethnic Russians, the highest population of Russians in the Western world.

It is currently unknown how much more support the U.S. is going to provide Ukraine in the ongoing conflict. While some have suggested that it is time to withhold support, there are others, including conservatives, who believe it is the best approach in resolving the conflict.

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