California equestrian accused of $2 million murder-for-hire plot, hiring hitman to kill estranged husband

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A California woman is accused of attempting to orchestrate a $2 million murder-for-hire plot to kill off her estranged husband.

Tatyana Remley, 42, was arrested on Aug. 2 at a Starbucks in Solana Beach, California. The glamorous and wealthy equestrian was charged with solicitation of murder, carrying a concealed weapon in a vehicle, and carrying a loaded firearm in a public place, according to court records.

Remley filed for divorce from her 57-year-old husband on July 11. The pair had been separated since May, but shared homes in Del Mar and Rancho Santa Fe.

The divorce filing also reportedly claimed that her husband, Mark Remley, held a gun to Tatyana’s head one time and once chased her around their $5 million California home with a knife.

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Tatyana asked the court to order Remley to pay $15,000 in monthly spousal support and to grant her control of multiple assets, including vehicles and property.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, “During their first year of marriage, Mark Remley bought Tatyana about $160,000 worth of clothes and jewelry and a $30,000 truck. He also bought her a $218,000 engagement ring and a $70,000 diamond ring.”

However, Tatyana was on law enforcement’s radar shortly before she filed for divorce.

On July 2, police responded to a fire at the couple’s $5 million home in the suburbs of San Diego. Police found three firearms and ammunition belonging to Tatyana, and charged her.

Fox News reported, “She allegedly had an illegal handgun hidden in her car and then got out with it in public.” She was later released on bail.

The fire is still being investigated.

Tatyana is accused of organizing a murder-for-hire plot on her husband – who she has been married to since 2011.

The day after the fire, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department opened an investigation into her alleged murder-for-hire plot “after receiving information Remley was attempting to hire someone to kill her estranged husband.”

The husband reportedly told the Coast News that a mutual friend of the couple told him in early July that Tatyana offered the friend $2 million to murder Mark.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department organized a sting operation to attempt to catch Tatyana.

On Aug. 2, Tatyana allegedly met with an undercover detective posing as a hitman at Starbucks.

“She provided detailed information on how she wanted her husband killed and his body disposed,” the sheriff’s department said.

She reportedly brought money for a “down payment” for the murder-for-hire plot as well as three firearms. Officers arrested Tatyana at the Starbucks.

Remley is currently being held without bail at the Las Colinas Detention Facility in Santee, California. Tatyana has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Remley is scheduled to return to court on Oct. 16.

Tatyana and Mark Remley are known for producing an extravagant horse show named “Valitar” in 2012. The “equine-human acrobatics” show was suddenly shut down after just four disappointing performances. The couple reportedly spent millions producing the short-lived equestrian show. Crew members and performers were reportedly not paid for nearly a month.

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‘Textbook Murder for Hire’: Failed Horse Show Producer Allegedly Put $2M Hit on

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