Sen. Lindsey Graham says it’s ‘imperative’ for America to keep supporting Ukraine’s military

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While Republicans are divided over whether to continue doling out U.S. support for Ukraine as that embattled Eastern European nation fights against a Russian invasion, GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is staunchly in favor of additional Ukraine aid.

The U.S. has already allocated billions of dollars toward helping Ukraine, but the long-serving lawmaker, who has been a U.S. senator for just over two decades, has been outspoken in advocating for America to continue providing assistance.

“The Ukrainians will be successful if we and other allies continue our support. The outcome of this is enormously important to our national security because China and many others are watching closely,” Graham has asserted.

The senator, who recently traveled to Ukraine, has described it as “imperative” for the U.S. to keep supporting the Ukrainian military, and he has indicated that he hopes figures from both political parties “will continue to see the wisdom of supporting Ukraine’s military.”

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“It is imperative that America continues to support Ukraine’s military. Specifically, the need for long range artillery – ATACMS – is urgent. America should also take over the F-16 transfer program to speed things up,” Graham declared.

“No American troops have been requested or needed, and not one American soldier has been lost in this endeavor. With continued support from the U.S. & our allies, the Russian invasion will crumble, which would be a tremendous gain for freedom and a decisive defeat for aggression,” he opined. “From an American point of view, this is great return on investment,” he claimed.

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