Woman impaled in leg by beach umbrella

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A woman was impaled in the leg by a beach umbrella earlier this week in Alabama, according to a Facebook post from the City of Orange Beach Fire Department, which indicated that the incident took place after wind caused the umbrella to dislodge.

“At approximately 9:00 this morning Orange Beach Fire was dispatched to the 23,000 block of Perdido Beach Boulevard for a traumatic injury,” the August 28 social media post notes.

“While responding, crews were advised that a female beachgoer was impaled through the lower leg by a beach umbrella that became dislodged by a strong gust of wind. Upon arrival, crews stabilized the victim and had to cut the umbrella shaft on each side of the leg for transport. The victim was transported by helicopter in stable condition,” the department reported.

In addition to causing injuries, beach umbrella incidents can even be fatal. Last year a woman died after being impaled by a beach umbrella in South Carolina.

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“Airborne beach umbrellas can be dangerous, even deadly,” the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has noted, urging people to ensure that their umbrella remains “anchored in the sand!”

The agency offers several safety tips.

“Spike your beach umbrella pole into the sand,” the agency suggests. Other tips include firmly rocking the umbrella “back and forth until it’s buried deep into the sand,” tilting the umbrella “into the wind to keep it from blowing away,” anchoring “the base of the pole with some form of anchor or weight,” and making certain that “the sand is packed well around the base.”

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