New York State Set to Transfer Biden’s Illegals to Upstate New York but Haven’t Notified the Local Leaders Yet

Homeless veterans were booted out of New York hotels to make room for migrants, according to news reports. (@DailyWireNews / Twitter screen shot)

Back in March Mayor Eric Adams was spending $5 million a day to house Joe Biden’s illegal migrants.

Since January 2021, Joe Biden has opened the borders and allowed over 7 million illegal aliens to walk into the United States. And the numbers keep growing.

Thousands of the migrants have found their way to New York City. The situation is so bad now the sanctuary city that Mayor Adams is looking to house them in Central Park, Brooklyn and soccer fields on Randall’s Island Park.

Recently, Mayor Adams and state officials found a new way to make the problem disappear. New York State is now looking to move the migrant hordes to upstate New York. And they reportedly have not disclosed this plan to local leaders.

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The Times Union reported:

Two military sites at the airport in Glenville have made it to a list of proposed federal housing options for migrants from New York City.

Another military site, the U.S. Army Reserve Center in Niskayuna, is also on the list, along with eight federally owned sites including Stewart International Airport and the Army National Guard’s Camp Smith in the Hudson Valley. The list was first reported by Bloomberg News.

The federal government gave the list to New York City and state officials, rather than also giving it to the relevant local governments, Schenectady County Manager Rory Fluman said.

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