Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen signs executive order that provides reality-based definitions for ‘male’ and ‘female’

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As radical leftist gender ideology proponents wage war against reality, Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen, a Republican, has signed an executive order that lays out common sense biology-based definitions for the words “male” and “female.” The order builds upon those definitions by noting the meanings of the words “sex,” “woman,” “girl,” “man,” “boy,” “mother,” and “father.”

“It is common sense that men do not belong in women’s only spaces,” Pillen said, according to a press release. “As Governor, it is my duty to protect our kids and women’s athletics, which means providing single-sex spaces for women’s sports, bathrooms, and changing rooms.”

The order, which calls for state entities to operate based on the definitions provided, defines sex as the male or female biological sex of a person at birth.

While many leftists struggle to define the word “woman,” the governor’s order succinctly notes that the words “woman” and “girl” both “refer to human females.”

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The order states that “a ‘female’ is an individual whose biological reproductive system is developed to produce ova,” while “a ‘male’ is an individual whose biological reprodutive system is developed to fertilize the ova of a female.”

“There are legitimate reasons to distinguish between the sexes with respect to athletics, prisons or other detention facilities, domestic violence shelters, rape crisis centers, locker rooms, restrooms, and other areas where biology, safety, and/or privacy are implicated,” the order states.

The governor signed the order on Wednesday and it went into effect immediately, though it would expire in the future if a relevant law is ever enacted on the topic.

“This Executive Order shall become effective immediately and shall expire upon the effective date of state law governing participation of biological males in female athletics and prescribing environments where single-sex dedicated services and/or facilities should be provided,” the order states.

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