Geek Squad says NO to all religious symbols while pushing and promoting LGBTQ PROPAGANDA and TRANS-religion for all non-white employees

Geek Squad says NO to all religious symbols while pushing and promoting LGBTQ PROPAGANDA and TRANS-religion for all non-white employees

Geek Squad is on the lookout for anyone trying to take pride in their own religion and telling them to censor themselves. Meanwhile, it is pushing gay and trans-agendas right and left through mandated LGBTQ promotions, propaganda and indoctrination at work. Only rainbows and men in high heels, but no crosses on jewelry or Jewish stars on your shirt.

Your are mandated to spread “pride” displays at work if they have to do with being gay, tranny or grooming children, but absolutely do NOT show any pride in your religion. A Christian employee of Geek Squad, the nerds that fix electronics for Best Buy, is blowing the whistle on the gay-training program for non-whites at its headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida.

“Never equate gay pride with religion” is the message coming from Geek Squad corporate that pushes anything LGBTQ – but won’t allow any employees to display any evidence they are religious, including Christianity. Basically, you can wear anything with rainbows, but don’t dare try to wear a little cross on your necklace to work. This is all part of the mandated LGBTQ indoctrination by corporations that want all their employees to worship at the gay and trans altar, and be atheist, or at least agnostic, in the process.

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Geek Squad prohibits Christian imagery, but promotes everything tranny

Apparently, it’s a beautiful thing if you’re gay, but a dirty, bad thing if you take pride in believing in God. Thou shall have no pride in religion at work. You “chose” your religion, but nobody “chooses” to be gay, they say. Really? Prove it. That’s the old “born that way” theory. Is it a conspiracy theory? Is this misinformation or disinformation?


Yet, grooming children for gayness, gender-bender surgery and gender-altering prescription drugs is training the children and teens to be gay, isn’t it? Promoting it, advertising it, instilling it, and weaving it into curriculum is all part of the brainwashing. Now, it’s all over the liberal work environments in corporate America; how sad.

It’s social contagion to identify as a tranny, or furry (pet animal), and social media is pushing very hard for all children and teens to see anyone who doesn’t push for it as a bigoted, racist, gay-bashing hostile enemy. Is that part of the Geek Squad training program also now? It’s all about distraction. Americans – especially the youth – are being brainwashed to think about sex, sex partners and sexual identity all day long, so they’ll forget about everything that matters like family, health, morals, ethics and prosperity.

Listen to the LGBTQ history lecture and indoctrination programming at Geek Squad training facility or face the consequences

Are you not in love with everything tranny? Do you not groom children to think about being gay, changing genders daily, and love watching cross-dressers do strip tease acts at daycare centers, elementary schools and libraries? You are sparking conflict, then, and there will be even MORE LGBTQ propaganda pushed on everyone because of your anti-gay stance of hate and terror. More pride flags will go up to protest your denial. Geek Squad’s intolerance police will show you what matters at work, and it’s surely not your ethics and morals you get from your religion.

Remember, under the Biden Regime, Americans are to act like communists who have no religion, no human rights, and who obey all orders from the dictator, without questioning anything. This “rolls downhill” to all liberal-run jobs, corporations, school systems, universities, science labs and Drag Queen Story Hour.

Tune your internet to for updates on Leftists pushing their perverted agenda on everyone else.

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