Whitlock: ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ school administrator believes American men owe her an apology and reparations

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The middle-school assistant principal who attempted to bully 12-year-old Jaiden Rodriguez over his backpack Gadsden flag suffers post-traumatic history dysphoria, a mental illness common among feminists and racial justice warriors.

PTHD causes its female victims to believe that anything that occurred in American history before the rise of the MeToo and Black Lives Matter movements is misogynistic and racist. PTHD in women is a superiority psychosis. Sufferers think they’re the smartest, most virtuous people ever to inhabit the planet and that adoption of their worldview cures all forms of injustice.

The mental disorder is pervasive throughout Hollywood, academia, and corporate media.

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Based on my evaluation of the exchange between the administrator, Beth Danjuma, and Jaiden’s mother, it appears that Danjuma has late-stage PTHD. She likely burns candles and uses a Ouija board to communicate with Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro, Karl Marx, Margret Sanger, and Susan B. Anthony.

Let me clarify. Earlier this week, the Vanguard charter school booted Rodriguez from class over a patch on his backpack. The administrator explained to Jaiden’s mom that the Gadsden flag supported slavery.

“The reason we do not want the flag displayed is due to its origins with slavery and the slave trade,” Danjuma said.

The Gadsden flag – and the catchphrase “Don’t Tread on Me” – actually originated during the Revolutionary War. It’s a proud part of America’s founding. You would think that an educator would know this. Instead, Jaiden and his mom had to explain it to Beth Danjuma.

Years ago, before the onset of post-traumatic history dysphoria, Danjuma probably knew the origins of the flag. But over the last decade, as PTHD leaked from a New York Times laboratory and Ivy League institutions, America’s entire history has been demonized. People like Danjuma have been programmed to believe everything from America’s past is evil and a symbol of sexism and racism.

You might think that women contract PTHD at a higher rate than men. But it’s not true. Men are just as likely to suffer the disorder as women. The disease does, however, manifest itself differently in men than in women.

As stated earlier, in women, PTHD causes a superiority psychosis. In men, it causes an inferiority complex. Men believe they have to apologize for everything that occurred before Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein inspired the #MeToo hashtag and Trayvon Martin sparked Black Lives Matter.

PTHD triggers men to hate themselves, hate masculinity, and dedicate their lives to the emasculation of other men and the worship of women. The worldview of male PTHD sufferers is that men owe women an apology for the past, reparations, and a commitment to transition women into being more masculine.

The PTHD worldview drives much of the insanity we see in sports.

It’s why William “Lia” Thomas was allowed to swim against women in the NCAA. It’s why the NFL and NBA are going out of their way to install women on coaching staffs. It’s why ESPN has placed a woman on the set of virtually every show. It’s why President Joe Biden traded an international terrorist – “The Merchant of Death” – for Brittney Griner. It’s why Megan Rapinoe and the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team were able to promote the lie that they were underpaid. It’s why WNBA players believe they should be flown around on private planes.

This morning, I read a story about the Nebraska women’s volleyball team setting an attendance record for women’s sports. More than 92,000 fans packed the school’s football stadium on Wednesday to watch the Huskers play volleyball. It’s a great story. Nebraskans deserve credit for supporting the program. It’s an incredible accomplishment.

But while admiring the achievement, I stumbled into another story about the Nebraska volleyball team. The Lincoln Journal Star published an article that revealed the Nebraska volleyball team is the lone women’s program from a Power 6 conference to turn a profit.

The Journal Star reviewed more than 4,000 pages of the NCAA financial records from the most recent fiscal year – July 1, 2021, through June 30, 2022 – and found that out of the 522 NCAA-sponsored women’s athletics programs at the 53 public Power 6 schools, only one program turned a profit.

Nebraska volleyball.

One out of 522. That’s 0.19 percent.

The newspaper reported that the only other women’s sports team at a public university that came close to breaking even was the Illinois women’s basketball team. It reported a loss of $43,156. Stanford, a private school whose financial records are more difficult to check, reported that its women’s basketball team’s expenses were exactly equal to revenue generated – $8,049,798. The newspaper reported that the Ole Miss women’s basketball team lost $7.7 million.

This is donor-funded reparations fueled by post-traumatic history dysphoria. Americans believe we owe it to women to dump millions upon billions of dollars into women’s sports with no expectation of any of them ever turning a profit.

I’m pro-women-sports. They’re important. We shouldn’t fund them at the same level as men’s sports. The interest doesn’t justify the expense. We’re paying coaches like Dawn Staley nearly $3 million a year while she leads a program that likely loses several million dollars a year.

All because of the delusional belief that in the 1700s and 1800s, men stopped women from entering the workforce, playing organized sports, and dying in wars?

The technological advances of the last 100 years created the myth that women were denied freedom, rights, and autonomy in the 1700s. Before DoorDash, trains, planes, automobiles, and jobs that could be executed on laptops, women had no real problem with traditional roles. Before indoor plumbing, they didn’t want to waste time getting sweaty playing leisure sports. They could break a sweat doing the hard work required to keep a house clean while men hunted food, farmed, and died in wars.

The demonization of the past is a grift. It legitimizes reparations. And it provokes alleged educators to believe any symbol that originated before last week was a byproduct of slavery and systemic racism.

The cure for post-traumatic history dysphoria is for men to quit apologizing for being men.

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