New Yorkers are angry about migrant crisis, and they’re blaming Democrats, poll shows

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A new poll found a majority of New York residents think the migrant crisis is a serious problem, and they blame Democrat politicians for dropping the ball on immigration.

The Siena College poll found that 82% of New Yorkers called the migrant crisis serious while 52% said it was “very serious.”

The poll found that New Yorkers were overwhelmingly negative on Democrats over the crisis.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, garnered approval on the migrant crisis from only 35% of New Yorkers, while 51% said they disapproved of her job performance.

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams, also a Democrat, had a net disapproval rating of 16% as well, with 47% saying they disapproved of his handling of the migrant crisis while only a meager 31% said they approved of his job performance.

The Biden administration fared worst of all on the migrant crisis. Only 34% said they approved of the administration’s response, while 59% said they disapproved of the Biden response.

“Democrats, Republicans, Independents, upstaters, downstate, city, suburban, they all agree that this influx is a problem,” said Siena College Pollster Steven Greenberg.

Adams and Hochul have engaged in a very public rhetorical feud over how to provide shelter for the tens of thousands of migrants being sent to New York City. Adams has demanded that other cities step up to take in more migrants, while Hochul has argued that the city is best situated to absorb the influx of immigrants.

“Scattering people all over the state does not allow us to manage the most important element of defusing this situation for the long term, which is to start the process to allow them to work,” Hochul has said.

Residents have responded by protesting against migrant centers, and some demonstrations have turned violent.

One county, Erie County, has refused to take in any more migrants after two asylum seekers were arrested for sexual assault accusations in two separate alleged incidents.

Here’s a local news report about the poll results:

Poll: New Yorkers voice migrant crisis

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