California mom says she lost her job 10 days after speaking against LGBTQ materials at school board meeting

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A mom in California says she was the victim of “cancel culture” over her politically incorrect comments made during a school board meeting about LGBTQ materials being included in other school curricula.

Janet Roberson told KGO-TV that she lost her job 10 days after speaking at a meeting of the Benicia Unified School District school board in April. She has three children attending schools in the Benicia school district.

“It’s not a choice. People are not gender fluid, and to teach our children this is not okay,” she said during the meeting.

Roberson said that people who disagreed with her contacted her employer, a large real estate company based in New York, and publicized her comments. She said she was called bigoted and racist over the comments.

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“I thought, gosh, as a mom speaking at a school board meeting, you should be able to do that without losing your job,” said Roberson.

The company, Compass, released a statement denying that its staffing decision had to do with her political beliefs.

“Compass does not make decisions about agents’ affiliations with the company based on their personal political or social beliefs,” the company said.

Roberson said that, as an independent contractor, she had no legal recourse.

“We should all be able to have our opinions without trying to cancel each other. I think I’m really trying to come out strong against this whole kind of cancel culture,” she explained.

Benicia Unified School District Superintendent Damon Wright defended the district’s policy to include LGBTQ materials in school curricula by saying, “Parents and guardians have the right to opt out of all or part of sexual health instruction.”

Roberson told the Daily Wire that she would have done it all again.

“For me to lose a job is horrible and not okay, but I would be willing to do it again,” she said. “Absolutely. To speak the truth and to stand for freedom and for what our Constitution stands for — 100%.”

Roberson says she was able to find a new job.

Here’s a local news report about the incident:

Bay Area mom says she was fired over comments about school’s sex

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