Biden Officials Need to Stop Visiting and Pandering to Communist China

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Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo is visiting China this week to hobnob with Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leaders. She is the latest in a string of Biden administration officials courting CCP favor even as the CCP ramps up its aggressive, disdainful rhetoric against America.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen recently kowtowed to the CCP during a visit to China, soon after Secretary of State Antony Blinken parroted CCP propaganda and weakly conceded a vital point to CCP officials during his China trip. Now Raimondo seems to be anxious to consider the Biden administration’s not-so-proud tradition of pretending America’s number one enemy is willing to improve its relations with the U.S.

CCP state propaganda outlet Global Times put out an article claiming that the CCP is interested in mutually beneficial diplomacy as Raimondo visits China, though it’s all a hoax. The state media outlet cited Chinese Premier Li Qiang blathering about America meeting China “half way” and how “mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation are the correct ways for China and the US to get along.” Raimondo met with Li, with whom she also posed for a smiling photo op, and other high-ranking CCP officials. A “new trade communication channel” was announced.

In my opinion, this is stupid and highly condemnable behavior from Raimondo and thus the Biden administration. The CCP smears the U.S. on a daily basis—it’s not the least interested in reasonable diplomacy. Its pretense at friendly diplomacy is just that–pretense. Not only that, but China is pushing “de-dollarization” to undermine the U.S. dollar and is a leader of the BRICS nations, which are turning into an explicitly anti-U.S. bloc.

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The CCP is the greatest mass murderer of all time, it is currently committing genocide and many other crimes, and it has explicitly stated its goals for world domination. At what point do CCP-loving U.S. officials realize that pandering to the Chinese government is suicidal?

But the above happy talk about “mutual respect” wasn’t the CCP’s only perspective on the U.S. this week. State media Global Times and People’s Daily both bashed or even threatened the U.S. even while pretending to be interested in amicable trade agreements. The reality is that the CCP isn’t interested in mutual benefits and compromise—it demands whatever it wants as a right, and vilifies anything or anyone that doesn’t comply down to the last detail. And that’s exactly why Biden officials need to stop visiting China and legitimizing the murderous, anti-American CCP.

For instance, on Aug. 28, during Raimondo’s visit, Global Times issued what seemed to be a veiled threat against the U.S.: “The US has overestimated its own military capability…If the US dares to provoke China’s core interests in the South China Sea, it will certainly face a head-on blow from China.” Global Times has threatened the U.S. more than once, including a claim earlier this year that Taiwan and any U.S. troops there would be “within range” of CCP “firepower.”

Another Global Times post from Aug. 29 is particularly relevant in light of Raimondo’s visit. A video from major English-language CCP propagandist Hu Xijin, who previously called to “shoot…down” Nancy Pelosi‘s airplanes when the then-House Speaker visited Taiwan, filmed a video titled, “Many ordinary Chinese people have pessimistic expectations about China-US trade relations.”

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As noted above, the CCP has recently pushed for de-dollarization, or a move away from the U.S. dollar as standard world reserve currency, promoting its own yuan instead. As Raimondo visited China, People’s Daily cited a piece from the UK Guardian and insisted that “a challenge to the U.S. dollar is coming.”

By sending a slew of officials to China to kowtow to the CCP, the Biden administration is just paying homage to our greatest enemy, not improving international relations. But, then again, Joe Biden and his family have received millions of dollars from the Chinese. Has our president sold us out for thirty pieces of silver?

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