WEF Adviser Prof. Sarah Harper says UK’s population collapse is “good for the planet”

WEF Adviser Prof. Sarah Harper says UK’s population collapse is “good for the planet”

Even just a few short years ago, the idea that deranged psychopaths at the highest levels of government want to kill all or at least most of us was dubbed a crazy conspiracy theory. Today, those same deranged psychopaths are openly talking about how depopulation is, in fact, happening, and that it is supposedly “good for the planet.”

These were the exact words uttered by World Economic Forum (WEF) adviser Prof. Sarah Harper, “Britain’s top demographics expert,” to quote The Telegraph, and the founder and director of the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing.

In speaking about the precipitous decline in the number of new births across Great Britain these days, Harper pretty much celebrated this as a great thing that will help to stop global warming and climate change.

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The latest data from Great Britain’s Office for National Statistics (ONS), by the way, shows that in 2022, there were just 605,479 live births across both England and Wales. This is the lowest number since 2002, we are told.

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The worst over-consumers are the globalists – perhaps they need to be extinguished?

In reporting on her braggadocious credentials, The Telegraph conveniently failed to mention that Harper also serves on the Global Agenda Council on Ageing Societies of the World Economic Forum, which centers around eugenics and genocide.

Harper frequently speaks her nonsense at various “literary and scientific festivals,” including at WEF gatherings, TED talks, and other such globalist gatherings.


The Telegraph is more than likely well aware of the fact that any association with the WEF these days is not exactly seen as a good thing by the general population. The eat bugs, be poor, and be happy globalist body is hardly popular among regular folks, after all.

“I think it’s a good thing that the high-income, high-consuming countries of the world are reducing the number of children that they’re having,” Harper is quoted as saying about how formerly white Great Britain is declining at a rapid pace. “I’m quite positive about that.”

Harper went on to state that declining fertility in wealthier nations is a really good thing because it will help to address the “general overconsumption that we have at the moment.”

“We,” in this context, more appropriately describes the excesses of Harper and other globalists, to be fair, who routinely jaunt around the world in their private jets while fine dining, lounging on fancy beaches, and partying in uber-mansions that consume more electricity and fuel than an entire neighborhood full of poor people.

If anyone is overconsuming, in other words, it is globalists like Harper and the rest of that grotesque ilk.

The truth about what is really happening in the UK and other Western countries is not so much that of population decline as it is population replacement. In short, the globalists are purposely replacing all the native whites with foreign non-whites, which they apparently deem as easier to control and enslave.

In the UK, almost one in three children born last year were delivered by mothers born outside the country, i.e., from India or Africa. The overall number of births by women born outside the UK has also been rising by about 3,600 year-on-year, and now accounts for 30.3 percent of all new births in Great Britain.

“When including the father, more than one in three children born last year had at least one foreign-born parent,” reports explain about the dire consequences of the population replacement scheme taking place in the UK. “In London, the figure was two thirds.”

Depopulation and globalism go hand in hand. Learn more at Genocide.news.

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