Maui resident explains how ‘everybody’ in Hawaii feels about Joe Biden right now

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We all know at this point that Maui has suffered unspeakable tragedy as hundreds upon hundreds of acres were torched to the ground.

Well, minus the mansions that belonged to billionaires and celebrities. Their properties are fine.

But a huge portion of Lahaina residents have had to cope with the loss of their homes as well as friends and family who perished in the fires.

The whole ordeal has been fishy from start to finish. It’s no wonder then that people across the nation are demanding answers. However, nobody feels the need for answers more keenly than the people directly impacted by the catastrophe.

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Pat Gray plays a clip of one Maui citizen who was asked to recount her experience.

“Still today, I haven’t had any money come in. I haven’t had anybody call me back. … I have no idea,” she laments. “I lost my house, I lost my car, I lost my animals,” and “I still cannot get my meds” because “my medicine was all burnt in my house.”

“I think Joe Biden should take his $700 and get back on the f****** plane and go home,” she rants.

“$700 compared to all the millions he’s giving to Ukraine. Why? We need it! … We’re citizens, and we cannot get money,” she tells the interviewer. “Fix your house before you fix somebody else’s house.”

And when asked whether other Hawaiians and locals share her feelings, she said, “Everybody feels that way.”

Who can blame her anger when the average Ukrainian family receives $3,100 from the United States?

“That’s like direct assistance from your paycheck to a Ukrainian household,” adds Keith Malinek.

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