Computer files reveal former Tennessee business owner committed up to 50 alleged rapes

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Western Carolina University authorities have discovered devices with video and images of more than 50 rapes allegedly carried out by Sean Williams in Johnson City, Tennessee. The findings were discovered after a search warrant affidavit was filed in Jonesborough.

Williams is a former business owner in Johnson City, who had been wanted for nearly two years on felony ammunition charges. He was arrested earlier this year in North Carolina after authorities found him with three-fourths of a pound of cocaine and almost a pound of methamphetamine.

The recent warrant sought to gain access to additional phones and computers seized and kept by the Johnson City Police Department in September 2020 during an investigation in a woman’s near-fatal fall from Williams’ fifth-floor apartment, per WGHP.

Two other warrants were filed in June and July, seeking Williams’ DNA and other physical evidence. The filings cited probable cause that he had committed two rapes in November 2019 and November 2020. Both of the incidents were allegedly recorded in video or images.

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Video and photo evidence gathered from the North Carolina devices revealed sexual assaults of not just the two women, but also another three who had filed sexual assault complaints with JCPD between June and November 2020.

“Within these files, your affiant has identified approximately 52 female victims which are depicted in digital images or videos being sexually assaulted by Williams,” Mike Little, Tennessee First Judicial District Criminal Investigator, wrote in his request for a search warrant in late May.

“These assaults all appear to occur while the female victims were in an obvious state of unconsciousness and are identifiable as having occurred at Williams’s apartment at 200 E. Main Street in Johnson City…”

Little’s affidavit that supported a search warrant wanted access to four phones, four computers, and three memory cards that belonged to Williams.

The affidavit also noted there is probable cause that Williams allegedly sexually assaulted at least two children at his apartment.

Little’s affidavit suggests “that Williams has participated in the various sexual based offenses for an ongoing and sustained time period.” As a result, it calls “the likelihood of additional images being stored on other digital devices belonging to Williams … highly likely, if not probable.”

However, Williams has not yet be charged with any sexual assaults.

Williams faces additional charges after he reportedly attempted to escape from the Washington County Detention Center on July 23.

Affidavits show JCPD had Sean Williams’ computers, didn’t check them after rape allegations

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