Teen hospitalized after Delaware state trooper allegedly ‘beat the living hell’ out of boy over ding-dong-ditch game, officer suspended

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A Delaware state trooper has been suspended for allegedly beating a 15-year-old boy after the teen played the ding-dong-ditch game at the officer’s home. The Delaware state trooper has been suspended after officials reviewed the bodycam video.

On Monday, a teenager and three of his friends participated in the ding-dong-ditch game on homes in Wilmington, Delaware. The game is a children’s prank in which participants ring the doorbell of a home, and then the pranksters run away before the occupants of the home get a chance to open the front door.

The pranksters reportedly carried out the hijinks on a home that was owned by a Delaware state trooper.

The Delaware state trooper and his partner allegedly hunted down the teens. About 45 minutes after the prank, the state trooper and his partner allegedly confronted the teens.

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The family’s attorney, Samuel Davis, claimed that the state trooper pulled up behind the teens with the lights activated on his police cruiser. He allegedly ordered the boys to lie down on the ground.

The family of one of the teens only identified as “Jayden” accused the officer of police brutality.

USA Today reported, “The teen, who was eventually hospitalized with a broken orbital bone and concussion, was then handcuffed and pushed face down on the concrete, where the trooper put his knee on the teen’s neck.”

The lawyer for the family alleges that the state trooper handcuffed the teen, put him in the back of the cruiser, and then used one hand to shine a light in the boy’s eyes, and the other hand to “hit him with a haymaker” punch.

The outlet added that the teenagers were taken to the parking lot of a hardware store. At that point, the lawyer claims that another state trooper advised that the boys be taken to the hospital because of their worrisome injuries.

The family of the boy has requested access to the police bodycam video and dashboard cam footage of the alleged incident.

Davis said, “We believe that the truth is going to come out in short order. The family wants the truth, and they want this trooper or troopers to be held accountable for these violent acts.”

Jayden’s aunt wrote on Facebook, “The two state troopers arrested my (nephew’s) friends, then beat the living hell out of (my) nephew.”

The aunt claimed that the troopers “almost killed” her 15-year-old nephew.

She posted photos of Jayden’s alleged injuries suffered during his encounter with the state trooper. Photos apparently show the teen with his face bloodied and swollen.

The aunt claimed that Jayden suffered from a concussion, bruises, and a broken orbital bone around his eye — which will require surgery.

“Additionally, we are also investigating whether or not there was any failure to intervene by other DSP personnel who were present at the time of the incident. We assure you that a comprehensive investigation is underway and we are examining all available evidence. At our core, the Delaware State Police values our community’s trust and we will provide additional details as we are able,” Delaware State Police said after reviewing bodycam footage, according to WDEL.

The Department of Justice Office of Professional Responsibility is investigating the alleged incident and suspended the suspected officer after reviewing the police bodycam video. However, they did not name the officer reported to be involved in the alleged assault.

Police said the investigation is ongoing.

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Trooper suspended after 15-year-old says he was beaten while playing ding-dong-ditchwww.youtube.com

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