NewsBusters Podcast: Mug Shot Glee and Stephanopoulos Fit of Pique

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The media’s Trump-indictment obsessives engaged in all kinds of glee out of Fulton County mug shots of Donald Trump’s “co-conspirators” in the Georgia election aftermath, and the glee only grew once Trump’s mug shot was released…except CNN lamented Trump would use the image for his “political advantage.” 

Associate Editor Nick Fondacaro joins the show to talk mug shots and debates. After the first Republican debate, alleged democracy-defending reporters suggested Trump-less debates were pointless. George Stephanopoulos angrily took issue with Nikki Haley for suggesting Biden won’t finish a second term, so we’ll get President Kamala Harris. We do know that evidence of Biden bumbling and making gaffes isn’t allowed on left-wing network newscasts. 

Nick also reported CBS Mornings mocked Trump for reporting he was 6-foot-3 and weighed 215 pounds, which does not seem accurate. They compared him to professional NFL footballers at that height and weight. It’s probably not a wise idea for Gayle King to mock someone else’s size, but when you’re the queen of CBS in the morning, no one tells you what you shouldn’t say.

We also discussed the Fox News questions to the candidates. The UFO question was the worst, but several others (on abortion and climate change) sounded like CNN could have asked them. They put on a young Republican to suggest polls consistently show climate is the #1 issue with young voters. That’s note true. That’s not to say the candidates didn’t offer strong rebuttals to the questions. 

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