Anti-Free Speech UN Partners With Big Tech, Builds a ‘Digital Army’

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The United Nations is building a “digital army” to undermine free speech and pushing for increased censorship online. Unfortunately, multiple Big Tech companies are partnered with the UN, indicating a concerted government-tech effort to quash free speech.

Governments and major businesses from across the globe continue to participate in the ridiculous hypocrisy, power-hungry globalism, and woke idiocy of the UN. They say crime doesn’t pay, but the UN is sure making a good case against that contention.

The United Nations published “Building a digital army: UN peacekeepers fight deadly disinformation” on Aug. 19. The UN declared that it is using media, social media, festivals, an educational program, and other tools to suppress supposed “misinformation” and “hate speech” online. Yet the UN itself consistently pushes false or deceptive narratives. It is not an objective and trustworthy arbiter of what sort of free speech should be allowed online or anywhere. This move follows a June UN report titled “Information Integrity on Digital Platforms” that explicitly called for more tech censorship.

This UN “digital army” seems particularly worrisome in light of its Big Tech partnerships. Meta (the parent of Facebook and Instagram) has worked with the UN to advance the latter’s woke Sustainable Development Goals. The UN has also partnered with TikTok and Microsoft. In fact, Microsoft has a “representation office” with the UN. Why exactly would these tech companies be partnering with the UN? 

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The new UN piece on its “digital army” quoted UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres: “The ability to disseminate large-scale disinformation to undermine scientifically established facts poses an existential risk to humanity and endangers democratic institutions and fundamental human rights.” Yet Guterres has enthusiastically praised Communist China, which weaponizes tech against other countries and runs a dictatorial censorship regime. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is also currently committing genocide and religious persecution, among other crimes. Guterres is a tyrant-loving hypocrite.

Besides quoting Guterres, the UN described its fight online. “With smartphones, editing apps, and innovative approaches, some UN peacekeeping operations across the world are building a ‘digital army’ aimed at combating mis- and disinformation on social media networks and beyond,” the UN boasted. But the UN itself spreads misinformation!

The UN’s Verified program supposedly educated people about trustworthy content and sources, yet it prominently features a dishonest narrative on “climate change.” Verified warns of “disastrous” global warming, even though recent data shows the Earth is cooling. Despite 50 years of failed climate predictions, the UN still treats climate alarmism as dogma.

It’s precisely that climate dogmatism that Big Tech companies have promoted. Facebook’s biased “Climate Science Center” lists more than one UN entity under its “Recognized organizations.” Facebook has also censored content for contradicting climate alarmist narratives pushed by the UN and other globalist groups. This is just one example of how UN-tech partnerships can present a threat to free speech, even if the partnerships do not directly involve content moderation and speech suppression.

Besides touting Verified, the UN scaremongered that “falsehoods” can “trigger tensions, violence, or even death.” But the UN consistently supports the Palestinian government, even though it financially incentivizes and encourages terrorists, over the government of Israel. The UN even falsely accused Israel of apartheid.

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After pontificating on its many ways of targeting “misinformation” and “hate speech,” the UN ended its piece with a video titled, “How can you spot and counter disinformation online?” The video included employees of wikiHow, an online credibility arbiter, defining supposedly “authoritative” sources. WikiHow’s partners include censorshipheavy Big Tech giants Facebook and Amazon. The Facebook Files recently uncovered Facebook’s work to censor speech with the U.S. federal government.

Ultimately, the UN is not an impartial arbiter and its anti-free speech efforts are dangerous. The globalists are coming for our rights, but they are doing so under a false veneer of virtuous dedication to the truth.

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