Joe Biden Laughs and Gives Snarky Remark When Asked For Comment on Trump’s Mugshot (VIDEO)


Joe Biden extended his Lake Tahoe vacation after his main political rival Donald Trump was arrested for the 4th time.

Biden was booed loudly by bystanders as he walked toward reporters in Lake Tahoe.

It appears Joe Biden’s 2024 strategy of locking up his main political rival is backfiring.

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President Trump was booked and processed at the Fulton County jail on garbage RICO charges.

Trump’s mugshot was released by Fulton County authorities on Thursday.

Joe Biden emerged from a gym in Lake Tahoe and was drowned out by loud boos as reporters peppered him with softball questions.

A reporter asked Joe Biden if he has seen Trump’s mugshot.

“I did see it on television. Handsome guy,” Biden said.


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