Glenn Beck REACTS to Trump’s Fulton County arrest: ‘This is just the beginning’

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This was a historical but dark week for America.

For the first time in the history of our nation, a former president has been arrested, fingerprinted, and given an inmate number. Donald Trump’s mug shot has already taken over the internet, with supporters and “haters” alike sharing the photo.

“It was a horrible week for the republic,” Glenn Beck says, outraged by the unprecedented attack on former President Trump.

“You couldn’t humiliate more than they did yesterday. Couldn’t interfere more with an election than they did yesterday. But this is just the beginning of it,” he adds.

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Glenn believes that instead of Trump, it should’ve been done to Nixon and certainly to Hillary Clinton for her “espionage-level kind of stuff.”

The “espionage level” Glenn is referring to is when Hillary Clinton was the head of the State Department. Clinton was found to have been taking top secret documents out of a SCIF, intentionally having her staff cut off the top that said “top secret” and then fax the documents to her or send them to her on an open channel so she could have them on a server at home.

“That is a severe crime. Forget about that. Benghazi, forget about that. At some point, people believe that if you’re a D, you don’t have to worry about crime. If you’re an R, you really have to look out,” Glenn says.

Glenn is incredibly concerned as to what this means for the future of America.

“Did you ever think for speaking out, you could be arrested? It’s coming. It’s already happening to some. You speak out against pro-life, you speak out for Donald Trump. Imagine being an attorney for Donald Trump,” Glenn says.

He believes we’re being sent a message, and it’s not a pretty one.

“You’re going to jail. We will bankrupt you. We will destroy you,” he says.

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