COVER-UP: Licensed operator says his drone was force-grounded upon nearing site of Maui Fire origin, then he was visited by government agents

COVER-UP: Licensed operator says his drone was force-grounded upon nearing site of Maui Fire origin, then he was visited by government agents

The federal government was not happy when licensed drone operator Davin Phelps tried to film the suspected origin of the so-called “wildfires” that burned down Lahaina and other nearby spots on the Hawaiian island of Maui.

According to Fox News host Will Cain, who relayed the bizarre story, Phelps’ drone was grounded by force as it neared the target site. Not long after that, federal agents paid Phelps a visit to have a talk about the matter.

During this meeting, federal agents reportedly told Phelps that he is prohibited from filming the area where the Maui Fire is believed to have started. Phelps was still able to capture some footage before this, though, which he shared with Cain.

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That footage shows entire buildings across entire city blocks reduced to gray ash while the trees surrounding them remain intact. This, many believe, serves as evidence that “wildfires” are not to blame, but rather directed energy weapons (DEWs).

Phelps also shared with Cain numerous still images that he captured, which show other strange anomalies that point to this disaster being another false flag incident possibly perpetrated by the government itself.

“I don’t want to feed ridiculous conspiracies, but all I can do is tell you the truth,” Cain wrote in a series of posts on X, formerly known as Twitter – check out some of the pictures and video footage below.

“I just spoke to a videographer from Lahaina. Davin Phelps. He’s a licensed drone pilot. He’s been flying over Lahaina for the past week. And he has stunning and haunting images of Lahaina.”


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There needs to be more transparency as to what really happened in Maui

It turns out that Phelps was hired by an attorney to fly his drone over the suspected area where the fire started, though the airspace above Lahaina has currently been dubbed a no-fly zone for the time being.

“But as you can see from the footage that hasn’t stopped him from getting images of Lahaina Town,” Cain noted. “But it was a different experience at the fires [sic] origin.”

When the feds showed up at Phelps’ door to have a talk, he pressed them for transparency as to why Lahaina is a no-fly zone, and why the government does not want American citizens to learn the truth about what happened there.

“Apparently licensed drone pilots fly through an app coordinated with the FAA,” Cain explained. “That app can deny you permission to fly and remotely ground your drone. It’s very rare. But when Phelps got to the suspected fire origin area he was denied flight and grounded.”

“Then he says two government officials (he doesn’t remember what agency) quickly visited him, asking for his license, and ran him off the Lahaina Intermediate School parking lot where he attempted to launch.”

What Cain now wants to know is why is there so much secrecy in Lahaina right now? Is there some kind of liability we are unaware of? What about accountability? And why no clarity whatsoever about the true origin and cause of the fire? What are they trying to hide?

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