CDC warns latest COVID-19 “variant” BA.2.86 infects the FULLY VACCINATED, admitting the vaccines don’t work

CDC warns latest COVID-19 “variant” BA.2.86 infects the FULLY VACCINATED, admitting the vaccines don’t work

The government is still talking about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), the latest variant of which is a threat to the fully vaccinated, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

BA.2.86, as they are calling it, is a specific threat to those who previously got injected for other strains of the Fauci Flu, or who tested “positive” for some other past form of the virus using Chinese-made “test” kits.

The CDC insists this new strain could be more deadly than previous strains, particularly in people who got jabbed and now have a wrecked immune system as a result.

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“The large number of mutations in this variant raises concerns of greater escape from existing immunity from vaccines and previous infections compared with other recent variants,” the CDC said in a statement, citing an internal assessment.

“For example, one analysis of mutations suggests the difference may be as large as or greater than that between BA.2 and XBB.1.5, which circulated nearly a year apart.”

Since virus samples of BA.2.86 “are not yet broadly available for more reliable laboratory testing of antibodies,” the CDC says “it is too soon to know the real-world impacts on immunity.”

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Is “BA.2.86” the cover story for ADE and AIDS in the fully vaccinated?

The timing of this CDC announcement matches earlier warnings we issued about how eventually the fully jabbed would start to catch every cold, flu and other disease that is circulating at any given time due to vaccine-induced AIDS, which has left these people’s bodies vulnerable to catching everything.


Could it be that BA.2.86 does not even exist, or that perhaps it is just another seasonal cold virus – colds are caused by coronaviruses, by the way – that is circulating that is going to cause the fully jabbed to get very sick because they now suffer from antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE)?

Whether it is AIDS are ADE, the fully vaccinated now have decimated immune systems that are no match for even the mildest coronavirus cold virus in circulation.

Since the shots have had a couple years now to set in, we expect to see a lot of sickness and death this fall and winter as people get a lot less natural sunlight exposure, thus depleting their vitamin D levels on top of their vaccine-induced broken immunity.

The CDC will not even say that BA.2.86 is responsible for a recent uptick in hospitalizations, which are more than likely linked to AIDS and ADE caused by COVID jabs.

“It is also important to note that the current increase in hospitalizations in the United States is not likely driven by the BA.2.86 variant,” the CDC says. “This assessment may change as additional data become available.”

If BA.2.86 is not responsible, then what is? Are the fully jabbed succumbing to the ongoing degradation of their immune systems, which is so failing them that they get sick and require hospitalization for even minor infections?

Big Pharma sure is excited about this news, announcing plans to release new “booster” shots this fall that supposedly help to ward off the latest COVID variant.

“I have a couple family members who work at a hospital and they are telling me that clots are through the roof and are occurring in people who wouldn’t normally get them,” one commenter wrote about another post-Operation Warp Speed phenomenon.

“They aren’t normal clots either,” responded another.

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