RACISM: Progressive insurance SUED for offering “patently unlawful” $25,000 grants exclusively to “black-only” businesses

RACISM: Progressive insurance SUED for offering “patently unlawful” $25,000 grants exclusively to “black-only” businesses

You know those goofy commercials with Flo, the bullhorn lady pushing insurance? Her longtime employer, Progressive insurance, is being sued for offering $25,000 grants exclusively to “black-owned” businesses, which is unconstitutional.

The conservative group America First Legal (AFL) filed the class-action suit in an Ohio federal court this past week on behalf of Nathan Roberts, the owner of Freedom Truck Dispatch, who claims that Progressive is racially discriminating against non-black small business owners by offering the $25,000 to 10 “black-owned small businesses to use toward the purchase of a commercial vehicle.”

Because whites, Asians, Hispanics, and all other non-blacks are excluded from the program, Progressive is engaged in unconstitutional racism – and, if history is any indicator, news about Progressive’s “woke” program is sure to bite the company financially.

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What would happen if a company offered white-only grants?

The lawsuit was filed after Roberts, a Progressive customer, received a mailer from the company on May 24 offering “a grant opportunity for their [Progressive’s] commercial-trucking small-business owners.”

“Progressive decided that only black-owned businesses would be eligible for these grants [because] studies have shown how inequities have made it harder for black entrepreneurs to access capital,” the company claims.


Hello Alice is also listed as a defendant in the case because it partnered with Progressive on the financial award program, which is limited to “black-owned” businesses with 10 or fewer employees and with a turnaround below $5 million.

The winners of the Progressive grant program for 2023 have already been announced alongside a proud announcement from the company stating that “Progressive is stepping in to provide funding to Black entrepreneurs to help navigate their small business journey.”

According to Roberts, the entire scheme is little more than “racially discriminatory grantmaking” because it bears a “racially discriminatory requirement” that one must have black skin in order to qualify.

We thought we long moved past this kind of thing in the ’60s, but apparently left-wing America wants to revive the “back of the bus” mindset of that era – except this time the recipients of all the discrimination are those with fair skin who have a European background.

The globalists hate people with fair skin and European genetics, and seem to deliberately exclude and punish whites every change they get. And apparently these same globalists have given their kiss of death to Progressive, which is likely to go the way of Target, Bud Light (Anheuser-Busch), Best Buy, and a host of other anti-white, anti-family companies out there that are in the process of going broke.

In a statement to the media, AFL lawyer Gene Hamilton said the case is part of a much bigger pushback against big corporations injecting “racial considerations into every aspect of their business operations, employment practices, and so much more.”

The suit is petitioning the court to declare Progressive’s grant program illegal, and to award the plaintiffs “nominal” compensation and legal fees as a corrective punishment.

“Last month I was fishing on the coast, and at the end of the day I returned to the hotel room, cleaned up, and turned the TEEVEE on,” one commenter wrote about his recent experience with anti-white America.

“Because I don’t have TEEVEE at home, usually the only time I see one is at the bar and I’m’ not watching it. Anyway, after 20 minutes I had to turn it off. It was nothing but blacks and gays on every channel. It’s ridiculous.”

Going “woke” almost always means going broke – and you’re next, Progressive! Learn more at Collapse.news.

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