Donald Trump Goes After Environmentalist Tyrants on Tucker

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Former President Donald Trump went after the reduced quality of life and narrowed choices that accompany environmentalist proposals hard last night. 

Trump skipped the Republican primary debate Wednesday and sat down with podcast host Tucker Carlson on X to discuss the state of the race, election interference by Big Tech, and whether or not Jeffrey Epstein killed himself. During this discussion, Trump pointed out the threat environmentalists pose to the American way of life and how he dealt with that during his presidency. After making clear that the left wants to limit our choices, Trump said, “The new thing is your heating systems in the house. They don’t want you to have a modern day heating system. They want you to use a heating system that will cost you at least $10,000 to buy and won’t work very well. You know, none of this stuff works as well.”

Earlier in the interview, Trump went in on gas stoves and electric cars, adding, “Who wants to not be able to use a gas stove? Or have to drive an electric car which you know you have a four hour drive but the car only goes an hour and a half because you have to charge it. The happiest moment for somebody in an electric car is the first ten minutes, in other words, you get it charged, now for ten minutes. The unhappiest part is the next hour because you’re petrified that you’re not going to find another charger.”  

Bloomberg reported that the federal government is considering a ban on gas stoves, while New York City banned the appliances in new buildings. Despite the evidence, the leftist legacy media shamelessly accused conservatives of spreading fake news while some, notably NPR, went so far as to endorse the attacks on gas stoves.  

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As a number of states have announced plans to ban gas-powered vehicles in the future, Trump emphasized the importance of being able to choose what type of car you drive, both as a matter of freedom and a way to avoid the limitations of some electric vehicles, “you gotta have gasoline cars, you got to have everything, let people buy everything.”

He brutally mocked California for the state of their electrical grid, adding, “and yet they wanna have in a very short period of time, millions and millions of cars going off that grid essentially. It doesn’t work.”

Finally, Trump broke down how he confronted the Environmental Protection Agency over regulations negatively affecting Americans’ way of life. In particular, Trump referenced restrictions on water usage for showers, washing machines, sinks, and dishwashers, saying that “and I voided all of that,” while discussing the damage done by the regulation.

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