San Francisco on Pace to Break Previous Record on Fentanyl Overdoses


While our leaders in Washington continue to funnel mountains of taxpayer cash to Ukraine, American cities continue to deteriorate into hell holes.

San Francisco is now on pace to break their 2020 record on fentanyl overdoses.

When was the last time you heard this issue discussed on a news broadcast?

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The New York Post reports:

San Francisco hit with ‘tidal wave’ of fentanyl overdose deaths as city on track to set grim record

San Francisco is being engulfed by a “tidal wave” of overdoses with deadly fentanyl claiming 62 lives out of 71 total deaths from drug overdoses last month, according to grim statistics released by city’s Medical Examiner’s office.

The liberal Northern California city is in the midst of a crime, homeless and drugs crisis and the results were released on the same day as a new report which concluded “City hall is failing” its citizens.

The overdose figures also place San Francisco on course to break a 2020 record for total number of overdoses, when 712 people died according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

“This tidal wave of fentanyl continues to overwhelm our communities,” Dr. Grant Colfax, San Francisco health department director, told the newspaper.

“The department recognizes that the tragic, continuing rise of overdose deaths in San Francisco is unacceptable and we want everyone to know we are responding with urgency and with our full attention.”

This is being allowed to happen.

This is what America last looks like.

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