Illinois woman arrested by Secret Service over alleged violent threats against Trump and his son Barron

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A woman in Illinois was arrested over violent threats she allegedly made against former President Donald Trump and his son Barron Trump via email, according to a criminal complaint filed in Florida.

Tracy Marie Fiorenza is accused of sending one threat against the Trumps to the headmaster of a Palm Beach school on May 21.

“I will state that I will shoot Donald Trump Sr. AND Barron Trump straight in the face at any opportunity that I get,” the email allegedly read.

Days later, she sent another email, according to the complaint.

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“I am going to slam a bullet in Baron (sic) Trump’s head with his father IN SELF DEFENSE!” the second email allegedly read.

A law enforcement official confirmed the development to CBS News.

Fiorenza was arrested on Monday and is scheduled to be transferred to Florida, where the charges were filed.

Court records indicate that the Secret Service interviewed Fiorenza on June 14 and that she allegedly confessed to intentionally sending the threatening emails from her home in Plainfield, Illinois.

Prosecutors said Fiorenza “did knowingly and willfully make threats to kill or injure a person of another via commercial email over the internet.”

Fiorenza is scheduled to appear in court again on Aug. 23, when a judge will determine how she will be transported to Florida to face trial.

A report from WBBM-TV showed photographs from Fiorenza’s Instagram posts showing her posing with a dog. Other posts showed that she was a fan of the Freemasons and spread conspiracy theories about Hollywood pedophile rings.

Barron is 17 years old and is the only son from Trump’s marriage with Melania Trump.

Here’s a news report about the arrest:

Woman charged with threatening to kill former President Trump & his son

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