Let’s Revisit the Corporate State Media’s Lies About COVID Vaccine Shedding

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The Public Health™ arm of the multinational corporate state and its lapdogs in the corporate state media would rather the American public just forget all about their repeated, intentional, potentially fatal lies over the past three and a half years and move on.

But I’m not going to, and neither should you. One day, after these puppets have all been disposed of and the criminals like Tony Fauci who ran the operation have received justice good and hard, and serious overhauls have been made to prevent another bioengineered pandemic with an experimental, shoddily vetted shot offered as the solution, I might consider letting bygones be bygones.

But not before.

The Public Health™ technocrats have requested something called “pandemic amnesty” — i.e., a blanket pardon for their lies and abuses.

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They will enjoy no such grace from me, both because they are insincere and because they are poised to do it all again whenever the next pandemic, which they are already promising, comes along.

In that spirit of non-grace, let’s revisit one of their main talking points about the so-called “vaccines”: that their components are not transmitted through physical contact.

Via USA Today, May 20, 2021:

While someone infected with COVID-19 can release virus particles, healthy vaccinated people don’t “shed” vaccine because it does not contain the live virus that causes COVID-19.

Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccines use mRNA, which the CDC said does not cause genetic changes because it does not enter the nucleus of a cell where DNA is kept…

“There is no sort of mechanism that would even exist that would suggest in any way (a vaccine) could be transferred … or lead to a sequence of events that would alter pregnancy or a menstrual cycle,” Carolyn Coyne, a microbiologist and professor of molecular genetics and biology at Duke University, told USA TODAY in April.

Via Reuters, March 30, 2021:

The idea that cells interacting with the vaccine can be “spread” would suggest the vaccine recipient becomes contagious – but they do not… The mRNA vaccine cannot be “spread” as it neither contains the live virus, nor is it contagious.

Via Healthline:

Vaccine shedding is when components of a vaccine are released into the body or out into the environment. This can only happen in live-attenuated vaccines that contain a weakened form of a pathogen.

As my colleague Catherine Salgado has recently documented at PJ Media, these claims were pseudoscientific. Here is the study, published in ImmunoHorizons, that shows the vaccinated shedding antibodies induced by the mRNA shots.

First of all, as I have documented elsewhere, Pfizer did not test for transmission by the vaccinated in its clinical trials either of the virus itself or of the components of the shots, so these claims from so early on following their rollout were merely parroted speculation on behalf of these companies.

Secondly, many of these articles deceptively conflate “shedding” of the antibodies/spike proteins generated through mRNA injections and the mRNA itself. As far as I can tell, there is no evidence that the mRNA itself is transmitted through the vaccinated. But there is evidence in Pfizer’s own documents that other components of the vaccine shed through physical contact, potentially even through the skin. A 2022 research paper found that lipid nanoparticles in the shots, which ferry the mRNA into the cells, are passed through body fluids. According to the Epoch Times, there is plausible speculation that spike proteins can be passed between people via exosomes.

There is certainly no rational reason to dispositively claim that the vaccines do not shed, as the corporate state media did again and again.

Given YouTube’s adoption of WHO policy against “medical misinformation,” naturally, we can expect YouTube to be consistent in its application of its own policy and remove videos like this:

Surely, YouTube, which does not tolerate misinformation on its platform, will soon remove these videos.

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