Video shows the moment hero customer guns down robber while holding a six-pack of Miller Lite beer

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A wild video shows the moment a convenience store customer shot a robber while holding a six-pack of beer.

Video was released this week of the attempted robbery of a gas station convenience store in the town of Cassopolis in southwest Michigan.

Surveillance video shows a man dressed in black with a black face mask enter the Stone Lake Marathon Mini Mart on July 27.

Police said the suspect announced himself to the clerk by saying, “You know why I’m here.”

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A customer appeared to be going to the register with a six-pack of Miller Lite just as the suspect went behind the counter to reportedly threaten the store clerk. The convenience store employee puts his hands up as the suspect allegedly threatened him.

At the same time, the customer calmly took out his gun and shot the would-be robber while he was holding the six-pack of Miller Lite beer. The customer – who has a valid concealed carry permit – fired three shots. Moved to the side of the counter and shot three more times. Then he fired the seventh shot at the suspected thief.

The customer reportedly shot the suspect in the arm, back, and face. The alleged robber fell to the ground, and at that time, the customer ran to his car to get another magazine for his gun. The armed customer held the suspect at gunpoint until the police arrived at the crime scene.

The suspected thief did not have a gun during the robbery, but threatened the clerk with a box cutter, according to police.

The armed customer purportedly told police that he couldn’t see what weapon was in the robber’s hand, but he could see the look of fear on the clerk’s face.

The suspect was identified in court records as 35-year-old Cordelius Anthony Martin. He was released from the hospital on Wednesday.

He was charged with three charges, including armed robbery. Martin is reportedly a three-time felon, which means he could face up to life in prison for the attempted robbery.

He is being held on a $100,000 bond.

Meanwhile, the hero customer is waiting to find out if he will face charges for the shooting. Police are still investigating the shooting before deciding to file criminal charges against the beer-toting customer.

Cass County Prosecutor Victor Fitz told WOOD-TV, “In Michigan, obviously, we do have defense of others as part of the law in Michigan, that you can defend others if they’re in a situation that there’s dangerous force being used against them. And certainly in this case, we’ll be looking at the facts in regard to that.”

The store clerk told the news station that the hero customer “saved my life.”

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(WARNING: Graphic video)

Video: Beer-toting customer shot at robbery suspect 7

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