NewsBusters Podcast: Jake Tapper Mounts High Horse on ‘Ingraham Angle’

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Fox News host Laura Ingraham led off her Ingraham Angle show Wednesday night suggesting CNN and MSNBC were so excited — and they just can’t hide it — that Trump faces serious legal peril in four indictments. They’re aglow, because they’re expecting.

CNN’s Jake Tapper sent a savage tweet over Laura Ingraham’s video tweet on the leftist media “humiliating themselves” and reveling in Trump indictments and mug shots. Jake was miffed! Fox was wildly unfair to CNN! 

The clip of Tapper that Fox aired was bland, but Nicolle Wallace looked giddy and you can tell Lawrence O’Donnell is on the edge of his seat. What may have offended Tapper the most is that Ingraham compared them to Trump: “They are really accusing Trump of what they themselves are — just vengeful ideologues who revel in the humiliation and shame of others.”

But the worst part was Tapper touting the “*facts*” of CNN. When it comes to defamation, Jake Tapper sat back when a Parkland High School kid compared Marco Rubio to the mass shooter at Parkland. Tapper sat back when Julia Ioffe said Trump “radicalized so many more people than ISIS ever did.” Tapper sat back when Nancy Pelosi denounced new Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch in her CNN town-hall meeting: “If you breathe air, drink water, eat food, take medicine, or in any other way interact with the courts, this is a very bad decision.”

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In other words, Tapper doesn’t really believe in “fact checking in real time.” Not with these smear campaigns.

Curtis Houck made a list of Tapper’s trouble with *facts* after he protested to Trump chief of staff Mick Mulvaney in 2019: “I’m not sure what you’re saying the media got wrong….Other than the people in the media on the left, not on this network, I don’t know anybody who got anything wrong.”

Tapper couldn’t even remember the CNN story on Russia and Anthony Scaramucci that was so wrong, three CNN employees got fired.

He certainly wasn’t going to remember Washington Post media blogger Erik Wemple taking him and three other CNNers to task for botching a prediction about former FBI director Jim Comey’s testimony to Congress. “CNN assigned four reporters to inaccurately predict testimony that was coming in a matter of hours.” Wemple cited us: “CNN hyped the upcoming testimony for 10 hours from noon on June 1 through noon Wednesday.”

Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

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