Techno-Hell: NYU Bioethicist Wants to Trigger Red Meat Allergies in Entire Human Population

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In a video from 2016 currently making the rounds on dissident social media, NYU bioethicist Matthew Liao — who, according to his bio, “uses the tools of philosophy to study and examine the ramifications of novel biomedical innovations” — can be seen at the World Science Festival advocating the use of biotechnology to engineer a red meat allergy at the population level with the purported goal of curbing meat consumption for the sake of fighting “climate change.”

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People eat too much meat. And if they were to cut down on their consumption on meat, then it would actually really help the planet.

But people are not willing to give up meat. Some people will be willing to, but other people – they may be willing to but they have a weakness of will. They say ‘this steak is just too juicy, I can’t do that.’ I’m one of those by the way.

So here’s a thought. So it turns out that we know a lot about — we have these intolerances… For example, I have a milk intolerance. And some people are intolerant to crayfish. So possibly we can use human engineering to make the case that we’re intolerant to certain kinds of meat, to certain kinds of bovine proteins

There’s this thing called the Lone Star tick where if it bites you, you will become allergic to meat… So that’s something we can do through human engineering. We can possibly address really big world problems through human engineering.

No one in their right mind would volunteer to be injected with a substance that triggers an autoimmune condition — who would want an allergy? — so, presumably, Liao’s bioengineering project would have to be conducted surreptitiously.

In that case, the longstanding ethical principle in medicine requires a concept called informed consent, which means that the patient understands what a doctor is proposing to be done to him or her and gives affirmative consent beforehand. Were this allergy triggered without informed consent, that would make what Liao is suggesting a mass-scale crime that would arguably dwarf any in human history (save for, perhaps, COVID-19).

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Some might be tempted to chalk Liao’s rhetoric up to the deranged fantasy of a scientist unhindered by ethical constraints (ironic for an ethics professor, no?), but given the lengths to which the corporate state has shown it is willing to go to stamp out meat consumption and replace it with Klaus Schwab’s ze bugs, I don’t think it’s far-fetched to assume that work of the kind Liao was suggesting is currently underway in any of the U.S. government’s numerous shadowy biolabs scattered about the globe.

The GOP House needs to start issuing subpoenas to Liao and all of his would-be co-conspirators on that stage — and any others they can implicate in this scheme — who smirked and nodded along as he proposed turning the American population into an allergic mess in order to find out what active work, if any, The Science™ is doing in pursuit of this agenda.

I reported last week at PJ Media that the CDC is currently warning of an uptick in alpha-gal syndrome (AGS), which is a red meat allergy ostensibly triggered by a bite from the Lone Star Tick. Seeing as how AGS is not new and neither is the Lone Star Tick, and the CDC has not proposed a reason for the increase, there is no explanation for why AGS would suddenly be increasing as it apparently is in the American population.

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