NewsBusters Podcast: Is the Fourth Trump Indictment the Charm?

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It didn’t take long for ABC, CBS, and NBC to devote an hour of stories to obsessing over the fourth Trump indictment — from Fulton Country, Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis. Reporters typically avoid mentioning Willis is an elected Democrat who’s made it her primary mission to put Trump in jail. She had help with her indictment from a grand jury selected in Fulton County, which voted Biden over Trump by a margin of 73 to 26 percent. 

CNN and MSNBC obsess over this hour after hour. On networks like NPR, the only person aired criticizing Willis as a partisan is Donald Trump, a man they consider self-discrediting. Congressional Republicans somehow don’t have a newsworthy opinion.

NewsBusters Associate Editor Nick Fondacaro joins the show to share the climbing numbers of indictment stories, and MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell worrying out loud about “indictment fatigue” and how voters just hear “white noise” in all the endless cable chatter about Trump. Bill Clinton used to suggest anyone obsessing over scandal wasn’t doing the people’s business. That spin is nowhere to be found today. 

We also discuss Kevin Tober’s report on mangling the remarks of Townhall editor Katie Pavlich on Fox News. Pavlich was talking to Bret Baier about the “criminalization of the pursuit of a recount,” and pointed out that requesting recounts was a normal part of the political process. Mediaite’s Michael Luciano mangled that into the headline “Fox’s Katie Pavlich Claims Trump’s Attempt To Overturn Election Was ‘A Normal Political Process’.”

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