Chinese state media (justifiably) MOCKS Biden’s INCOMPETENCE in handling Hawaii wildfires

Chinese state media (justifiably) MOCKS Biden’s INCOMPETENCE in handling Hawaii wildfires

Chinese state media mocked U.S. President Joe Biden for his administration’s incompetent response to the recent wildfires that have ravaged Hawaii.

An Aug. 15 article by the state-run Global Times pointed out that the Aloha State’s disaster made the U.S. look “unlike a developed country.” The piece by Global Times chief reporter Yang Sheng pointed to the “incompetence of the U.S. government” as a major factor in Hawaii’s predicament.

“Many people, including survivors, uploaded videos to … heavily criticize [both] the incompetence of the government and the problematic response and early warning system. Some questioned reports by the mainstream media and said it was not a natural disaster, and the death toll could be far greater than reported,” he wrote.

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The state-run outlet also mentioned Hawaii’s outdoor public safety early warning system, which consists of more than 400 sirens to remind people of impending disasters. The island of Maui has 80 such sirens, according to the Chinese Xinhua News Agency. Yang wrote: “Warning sirens did not sound, people received no warning about the wildfire and they were not informed about evacuation.”

He also referenced the “disorganized response and poor traffic system” that became detrimental to evacuees and first responders. The Global Times reporter continued: “Donations have not been handed to the people in need, [and] some relief materials were looted as local authorities failed to restore public order.”

Yang zeroed in on Biden’s remarks about the disaster in Hawaii. The president vacationing in his home state of Delaware said on Aug. 13 the White House is looking at the devastation in Maui. He later remarked “No comment” when asked about the rising death toll on the island.


Biden’s remark sparked a backlash, including from former Democrat Hawaii State Rep. Mark Kaniela Ing. The former state lawmaker lamented in a now-deleted post: “I campaigned for you. Now, when I lose dozens of my friends, family and neighbors – this?”

Millions for Ukrainians, pennies for Hawaiians

“Many Chinese netizens do not understand why the powerful U.S. military force can allow Americans to feel helpless during the disaster when the Pacific Fleet is right there in Hawaii,” noted Yang.

“A comment said: ‘Why don’t U.S. military troops go to rescue their people in the disaster area?’ In China, the military, police and other professional rescue forces will respond immediately to rescue people every time when disasters occur.”

Seemingly coming to his senses after the “no comment” remark, Biden announced on Aug. 14 a one-time $700 assistance check for affected households in Hawaii. But according to Richard Stern of the Washington, D.C.-based think tank Heritage Foundation, the $700 allocated to affected households is lower than the amount sent as aid to Ukraine. He calculated that the $113 billion budget for Kyiv approved by Congress amounts to roughly $900 per American household.

An Aug. 16 editorial by the Global Times used this finding as a springboard. It noted that while Hawaii was burning, Washington was busy with other things – including a new $200 million military aid package to Ukraine.

“The U.S. is prone to natural disasters such as wildfires and hurricanes. However, the country’s patchy response when dealing with these disasters is perplexing. [America’s] sluggish and indifferent response to its domestic catastrophic incidents sharply contrasts with its fervent resource mobilization in ‘competition’ with other nations,” the piece said.

It cited Washington’s disastrous response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, which caused the loss of 1,836 lives. The op-ed also mentioned the February derailment of the Norfolk Southern train in East Palestine, Ohio. The derailment and subsequent chemical spill poisoned the environment and triggered health issues in many residents. (Related: Joe Biden ignores ecological disaster in East Palestine, flies overseas to visit Ukraine instead while fake air raid siren blares overhead.)

“A foreign netizen said, ‘The American-style rescue in Hollywood movies is nowhere to be seen, with no American rescue heroes or high-tech equipment.’ This observation seems to be perfectly fitting for every disaster in America, including the current Hawaii wildfires.”

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