Reality Check—I’m Doomsday Prepping for President Harris End Times

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There is plenty of weirdness to be found when looking at the 2024 United States presidential election from any angle. Perhaps the weirdest bit of weirdness is that so many people truly believe that the incumbent president who is running for reelection won’t make it to the election. It seems to be a bipartisan belief too, something we don’t see a lot of in these most contentious of times.

The popular story on the Right at present goes something like this: The Democratic elites are concocting some scheme to have Joe Biden step aside — probably a health issue, real or imagined. Once he’s off of the board, most people say that California Governor Gavin Newsom will magically appear on the scene, replacing Biden at the head of the ticket.

I have had a lot of conservative friends and colleagues — all of whom I greatly respect — offer me some version of the above tale in the past couple of months. A lively discussion then ensues, because I think that there some problems with the scenario.

The first is that there is no way that the puppet masters who control Biden are interested in letting go of their power. And we’ve seen that DOCTOR Mama Jill Biden is willing to continue her elder abuse to remain First Lady, so good luck getting her to pack her bags.

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The real big sticking point in the “Magic Newsom” scenario is the Vice President Kamala Harris. Not one person I know who insists that Newsom will eventually be the nominee has mentioned how he or she thinks Madame Veep is going to be out of the picture. It’s merely assumed. It’s like saying, “I’m going to be rich,” and not having an answer when people ask you what your job is.

Despite the fact that many in her own party would prefer that she not be on the ticket, Kamala Harris remains a huge fan of Kamala Harris. It’s rather naive to think that if Biden steps aside that she’ll just curtsey and say, “I didn’t want to be president anyway. Everybody stay seated, I’ll call Gavin myself.” Even if Biden stays in office but drops out of the race, her ego is going to want her to run. I lived in California when she was the attorney general and a United States Senator, trust me when I say that this is not a humble woman.

What’s most worrisome is that Joe Biden is deteriorating before our eyes both mentally and physically. He may soon be at the point where Jill can’t do her Edith Wilson impersonation any longer and Kamala Harris ascends to the presidency.

Even if Newsom does somehow make it into the picture, it doesn’t make it any less dystopian. There is no “less awful” candidate among the Dems. One more term of any of them as a follow-up to Biden will have the United States wheezing a loud death rattle.

Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

I wonder if they’ll let us brew our own beer in the gulag.

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