Garland Rescuing Bidens Fetches 72 Mins in 4 Days as Trump/J6 Case Hits 374 Mins

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What a difference a few days can make. Between Friday night and Monday night, the “big three” networks of ABC, CBS, and NBC chose to rediscover Hunter Biden’s life of corruption with 72 minutes and 23 seconds on their flagship morning and evening news shows and Sunday morning political programs.

Add in the miniscule tally of four minutes and 50 seconds between the evening of August 1 and the evening of August 11 on all Biden scandal mentions and the tally soared 15 times higher to 77 minutes and 13 seconds.

The case for why was simple. The plethora of bombshells from the House Oversight Committee and conservative media were of no interest to them.

Instead, the networks were all-in on Attorney General Merrick Garland making David Weiss special counsel in a move to not only put new revelations on ice, but keep Weiss from congressional oversight.

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The networks have mostly pivoted to previewing the fourth Trump indictment in Georgia (which came down Monday night), but they’ve continued to spare some time to the third indictment from Special Counsel Jack Smith over the former President’s conduct surrounding January 6. 32 minutes and 13 seconds were added to the gargantuan haul NewsBusters has kept since the evening of August 1, putting the new total at 374 minutes and four seconds.

Not surprisingly, the ratio between Trump vs. Biden shrunk from 71-to-1 to only just under a five-to-one split (4.7-to-1 to be exact). That, of course, was thanks to Garland, which some in the liberal media noted won’t exactly be a serious ploy to investigate the Bidens while others voiced concerns.

ABC kept its spot on the Trump count, bumping up to 137 minutes (137:17), but on the Biden front, it woke from a hibernation-level sleep with a new total of 27 minutes and 31 seconds after only 39 seconds from the night of August 1 through the morning of August 11. While the split had been nearly 195-to-1, having Garland’s permission slip to talk about the Bidens made the disparity shrink to just five-to-one.

Amid their coverage, there was this hilarious take from elitist denizen Susan Glasser bemoaning Hunter Biden’s conduct was being seen as a bad thing.

Staying in second place for the third Trump indictment was NBC, which had a new sum of nearly 137 minutes (136:45). For the Biden scandals, their total grew by 16-fold from 85 seconds to 24 minutes and 21 seconds (which was just barely the fewest of the three). While the Trump coverage was 83 times larger through Friday morning, the number shrink to 5.6 times bigger.

CBS kept its third-place spot on Trump, well back of ABC and NBC with 100 minutes (100:01), but while it had more than half of the original Biden tally (2:46), it dropped to second place with 25 minutes and 21 seconds (which was just over eight times larger).

On both Friday night and Saturday morning, they were the only network to resurrect the two IRS whistleblowers, who alleged the now-original investigation by Weiss into Hunter Biden had not only been insufficient, but was muddled by preferential treatment.

With a four Trump indictment imminent handed down Monday night, expect any and all allegations – specific or vague – of Biden family bribery, corruption, and/or malfeasance to vanish in favor of fixating over Trump and have it be the driving focus of the 2024 election. And, not surprisingly, the liberal media wouldn’t have it any other way.

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