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Cities have never been the epitome of safe, quiet living, but lately it seems urban areas aren’t just risky; they’re downright hazardous, especially those in blue states.

Crime rates continue to skyrocket, drugs run rampant, homelessness is at an all-time high. Metropolitan living is continuing to grow more perilous by the day.

Chad Prather thinks San Francisco is “the worst of the worst.”

“It’s trashed out … blame the Democrats,” he says.

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But Chad thinks we also should blame those who vote the wokeists into power, including the TikToker who posted the viral video where she shakily recounts her experience going to a SF grocery store.

“I’m walking out the store and this guy is walking past me and says, ‘Move, you stupid bi***’ and spits in my face,” she tearfully recounts, adding that he also said, “Move or I’ll rape you.”

“Well, you voted for dark blue,” says Chad in response to the video. “You either abstained or you voted wrong – that’s what you’ve asked for.”

When we see crazy stories like the one above on the news, we tend to think the world is going crazy.

But really, it’s cities specifically that are on fire.

Incidents like these “don’t happen in small-town America,” Chad says. “All these people – we pack them into … two miles, and they go nuts.”

And when woke policies are governing these cities, it’s no wonder they’re burning down.

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