Alex Jones Interviews ‘Q Shaman,’ Newly Released From Prison, on Jan 6 and Trump Indictment

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Watching a recent interview Alex Jones conducted with Jacob Chansley, aka the “Q Shaman,” one is forced to conclude that the cartoonish media depiction of him (assisted by his ridiculous costume on Jan 6) belies what appears to be a relatively rational and well-informed, if eccentric, mind.

In my opinion, it’s worth a listen, as the two cover the waterfront of state narrative control techniques a la Operation Mockingbird, the national security state, the QAnon deception, Trump’s indictments, the merits of forgiveness, etc.

Chansley was recently released from state imprisonment for convictions related to his activities at the U.S. Capitol on Jan 6, ten months of which was reportedly spent in solitary confinement.

It would be no exaggeration to say that Chansley was depicted as the quintessential insurrectionist that day as he is by far the most recognizable of all the millions of election protesters who showed up that day to exercise their First Amendment rights.

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Via Time magazine (emphasis added):

Jacob Chansley, the convicted Jan. 6 rioter who was dubbed the “QAnon Shaman” thanks to viral photographs of his outlandish getup, has been released from prison and transferred to a halfway house more than a year before he was initially set to be released.

His former attorney and legal experts say it has nothing to do with Tucker Carlson, or the Fox News host’s broadcast of footage of Chansley seemingly being led through the hallways of the U.S. Capitol by police.

Federal prison records indicate that Chansley, a self-described shaman and a follower of the QAnon conspiracy theory, entered a “residential reentry management” facility in Phoenix, Ariz. on Tuesday with a release date of May 25—around 14 months ahead of his scheduled release.

The footage obliquely referenced from the Capitol building that day shows Chansley not “seemingly led through the halls of the US capitol,” as Time magazine puts it, but very much in fact led through the halls of the U.S. Capitol by police.

The corporate state media and government, by the way, fought tooth and nail to prevent this exculpatory footage from being released to the public on “national security” grounds. Many pundits, in fact, speculated that airing it may have contributed to Tucker Carlson being taken off the air earlier this year. After all, why should the serfs be permitted to see footage from the goings-on in the “people’s house,” financed by their tax dollars?

The Associated Press, following the footage release, published a “fact check” purporting to debunk the on-tape reality of Chansley being led peacefully through the Capitol with an entourage of nonchalant officers not attempting to subdue him or force him out, Chansley even appearing to assist the police at times.

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Watch the footage for yourself and decide for yourself whether Chansley acted that day as a “domestic terrorist” or anything of the sort.

Compare the nonviolent protester Chansley’s treatment to the velvet-glove treatment that rioter Ray Epps, embraced warmly by the Democrat Party, enjoyed from the government, the only individual caught on camera in multiple locations, on both Jan. 5 and 6, actively inciting violence and “going into the Capitol.”

Rather than rotting in prison like the other Jan 6 political prisoners who did not incite insurrection on camera, Epps is now the subject of fawning corporate state media profile pieces.

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